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Home Decorating – Why Window Treatments Really Matter

Take a glance at the windows in your home. Have you invested time and money in your windows that will maximize the benefits that come from effective window curtains? If you have, you know that you can reduce your energy costs and appreciate the feeling of warmth that can be conveyed through window treatments. Effective window “dress” can give your home the feeling of “home!”
With many choices in the market place today. You will want to consider what it is you expect to gain from your window treatments. From wood blinds, shades, roman shades, to cellular shades; your choices are endless.
If you are looking to add a certain feeling of warmth to your room, invest in curtains that reflect your taste and your home d?�cor. The color choices will be room will be warm and inviting, with window treatments that reflect who you are. Make sure to read the instructions when it comes to caring for your new window decorations. The type of fabric will determine if you will be taking a trip to your local dry cleaner of your washing machine. Being an informed consumer is always a good thing.
Cellular shades are a great option for someone that is looking for a feeling of warmth, accompanied with energy saving capabilities. Available in cordless, top-down-bottom up, colors and fabrics that meet your needs; these are a win,win for you. Depending on how much natural light you need in our room, will determine if the top-down-bottom up feature is something you will benefit from. The amount of energy saved determines on the company you are working with and the type of fabric used. Do not be afraid to ask questions, as window curtains are fairly permanent; they are not something you will be replacing every two-three years.
Wood or faux wood blinds are an option for someone looking for an attractive window treatment. These blinds are easy to clean. There is no dry cleaning or any extensive process involved. Your patience may be tested when it comes to cleaning them; but they are very consumer friendly. If moisture is an issue in your home, you will want to invest in faux wood blinds. Depending on the supplier you are working with, will determine your color choices. Yes, you will have many wood species to choose from, as well as color options. It’s a good idea to take a sample of the wood trim with you when you shop for wood or faux wood blinds.
And in the grand scheme of things, your window treatments will not give you the “wow” factor you desire if your flooring is in poor shape. Laminate flooring is an affordable choice when it comes to flooring. It is not only stain resistant, fade resistant, but also environmentally friendly. Combine your window treatments with your flooring, and your home will be one you want to spend hours in. Yes, your window treatments really do matter and effective dressed window will not only save you money, but give you a fine place to call “home.”

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Giving Great Looks to Your Bathroom

Giving Great Looks to Your Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom needs lots of thinking and if you are planning for renovating your bathroom then sit on your study table and write down all the important ideas you can think. You can find interior designers and take their advice for your bathroom renovation. But hiring an interior designer can cost you more and if you do not want to spend more amount of money then you can design your own bathroom by doing small research on internet. In this article you will find some important tips and steps which will help you in renovation of your bathroom.

If you are living in a house for more than five to six years then it is obvious that you might need a change and in fact there should be a change in the surrounding in which we perform our regular activities. And by doing these changes, we can get excited and concentrate on our work. Most of the time while giving a new look to the entire house, we may forget the importance of giving a new look to our bathroom. If you are planning for giving a new looks to your bathroom, the job might become tedious one and you may need help of some extra person like a plumber. First of all decide what your budget is and how much money you can spend just for renovation of bathroom. Once you decide your budget then you can go ahead and start selecting the new items which you think will be suitable for you according to your needs and thinking.

If you are designing your bathroom on your own then there are few things you should keep in mind before starting the work. First of all you can think about the flooring. Flooring in any room gives the looks to that room so you can select from the wide varieties of floorings such as marbles, tiles or different patterned floorings. If you can spend more money then you can extend those marbles or tiles on the wall too as it give a finished look which looks bright. But before the flooring and tiles work, you should contact a plumber and tell him to fix the pipes, water caps and shower wherever you want. This can be done after demolishing the previous floorings and before installing new floors. Do not add many pipes and showers in the bathroom and try to be realistic and create something new which you think is good in looks and decent.

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Table Lamps – What Should You Consider As Right For Your Home?

Table Lamps – What Should You Consider As Right For Your Home?

So you need to light up the rooms in your home and you want to find out what options that you have. There is only one chance to make a first impression and the lighting is often that chance when someone walks into your house for the first time. It should be important that you make sure that they feel welcome.

The traditional way in the past has been to have a hanging light from the ceiling in the middle of the room. Nowadays, this is rarely the most stylish way to do it and in modern interior design it is usually the last home decor option.

You could try a tall floor lamp in a corner of your room. Unfortunately this often takes up valuable floor space so is not ideal in the smaller room.

A lot of people come to the conclusion that the best option is to light their homes by using table lamps so let us take a look at a four basic things that you must decide on:-

Which room – You may decide that you will treat each room in your home differently. You could use traditional lighting in one room and table lamps in another. The style of those for the bedroom will, however, be subtly different to those for the living area.

Color – Firstly you will want to ensure that the color of both your lamp stand and lamp shade fit in with the rest of the room. You need to decide whether you want a striking color like black or red to make a big statement or perhaps a more soothing pastel color to give a serene atmosphere.

Design – You will need to give this a lot of thought as there are many choices. If your home is minimalistic perhaps a modern or contemporary table lamp will be best whereas you may want an old-fashioned approach and go for an antique or a vintage style. You can also choose what they are made of. Some materials are much heavier and bulkier than others so are better suited to bigger rooms.

Cost – In the final analysis the amount you can afford will often have to override your other preferences so we recommend that you decide on your budget first and then look for the options in your price bracket

You should now have a better idea of some of the things that you need to consider.

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Removing the Wall and Adding a Kitchen Island

Removing the Wall and Adding a Kitchen Island

Opening up the space between the kitchen and an adjoining room by removing the wall and adding a kitchen island can add a lot of space and usefulness to your home. Not only will removing the wall open the space up visually, but it can help to integrate your kitchen into the rest of your home, making entertaining easier and more enjoyable. If you are contemplating this kind of kitchen renovation, there are some things to keep in mind to help the project go smoothly.

Planning is Important

Removing a wall from your home is never a trivial task. If it happens to be a load-bearing wall, there are structural reinforcements you will need to make in order to allow it to be safely removed. Even when it’s not a load-bearing wall, many do-it-yourself homeowners don’t feel comfortable doing this part of the project by themselves. Unless you have the experience and know-how to do the job safely and correctly, hiring a contractor to remove the wall is often the best choice. The cost of the professional contractor is often trivial when compared to the expenses that can be incurred by a costly mistake.

A contractor could also help you if you need to make other structural changes in the kitchen to get the most use out of your new design, such as adding new electrical outlets or moving plumbing pipes. While this isn’t necessary in all cases, many people find that using a kitchen island for a sink or a stovetop is a great option. If you know you want to remove the wall but are having problems visualizing the best kitchen layout, a professional kitchen designer could also be helpful.

Building an Easy Kitchen Island with Cabinets

Once the wall has been removed, you’re free to start planning the kitchen island. Utilizing standard kitchen cabinets can be an easy way of adding a handy island that includes plenty of storage space. Upper cabinets are not as deep as standard base cabinets, so they are a great option for this project. By using these shallower cabinets, you will be able to place them back to back so that there will be cabinet storage on both sides. Of course you’ll have to build a base for the cabinets to sit on, since upper cabinets do not come with a toe kick. Add a countertop surface, cover it with laminate and you’ll have a great kitchen island. Or, use cabinets on only one side of the island, covering the exposed back with matching wood laminate. Then you can create the countertop surface with a deep overhang on the backside of the island. Add a few matching bar stools and you’ll have a great kitchen island with storage on one side and a convenient breakfast bar on the other.

Islands with Overhead Cabinet Storage

In some cases, you might also want to hang upper cabinets over your kitchen island for even more storage. Regular upper cabinets can be used for this purpose, placed back to back so that there are cabinets on both sides. Although this method does cut down on visibility between the two rooms, it can effectively double the amount of storage space provided by the island.

Whichever method you choose, you’ll have a great new kitchen feature that will add beauty and usability to your kitchen space.

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A Filtered Water Dispenser Faucet System That’s Simple and Cheap

A Filtered Water Dispenser Faucet System That’s Simple and Cheap

Getting a filtered water dispenser faucet system is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to supply your entire household with pure, healthy drinking water. But how can you tell which type is worth getting? This article will give you an idea as to what the ideal filtered water dispenser faucet system would be.

I’ve personally researched dozens of water dispenser faucet systems so figure out which ones offer the best quality and value. Some are obviously of better quality than others so it’s good to know what to look for in one before you start searching.

Obviously, you want to get a filtered water dispenser faucet system that removes as many contaminants as possible. The key contaminants that you want to make sure a device removes are:

*Chlorine – the primary chemical public water treatment plants use to disinfect our tap water. Much-needed, but that doesn’t mean we have to drink it too!

*Lead – comes from the pipes, fixtures, and soldering joints used to build the water systems in our homes.

*Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) – we use over 80,000 synthetic chemicals in our society today, and many of them eventually end up in our tap water thanks to runoff and floods.

*THMs – byproducts of chlorine reacting with synthetic chemicals in our tap water system.

*Herbicides and pesticides – used on our farms, which leaks into our drinking water thanks to agricultural runoff

The highest quality filtered water dispenser faucet systems use a multi-stage filtration process to remove contaminants. Since one means of filtration cannot remove all the necessary contaminants in our drinking water, multiple technologies need to be used.

The water dispenser faucet system that my family and I decided to invest in attaches right to our faucet, and the whole system actually sits underneath our sink so it’s not a huge eyesore. All we do is pull a little lever out on our faucet and our drinking water is filtered. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

For just pennies a day, you too can supply your entire household with pure. healthy drinking water. Not only will this protect your family’s health, but it will also IMPROVE your health since every function that happens within the body is improved by healthy water!