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Kitchen Cabinets for You

There are many that think about changing the kitchen cabinets. They look towards improving the look of their home and giving their kitchen a facelift. If you are one of them, you should remember that doing this is no easy task. Changing your kitchen cabinet can cost you heavy and also sometimes it might even take days to complete the process. You should therefore make adequate alternatives till your kitchen is completely redone. There are many factors that go into redoing your kitchen cabinet. You should consider all these factors well before you start to work on your kitchen.
First question in your mind would be if this is a good time to reface your kitchen. If your kitchen has grown dull after years of use, it would be a good time. You can give your kitchen a much fresher look. You might not want to remove the original construction materials that the kitchen was made up of. This is because they cost a lot in the market. Therefore re-facing your kitchen in this situation would be a good idea. You can always go for remodeling your kitchen, but doing so will again cost you thousands of dollars. Therefore to give it the same effect and sometimes even better and to getting it done cheap, re-facing would be a good option. Also re facing your kitchen cabinet is good if you are looking to sell your home. If your house has an old kitchen then it can easily pull down the value of your home. Hence giving your kitchen a little facelift with minimal spending will help to increase the value of your house..
If you are however planning to do more work on your kitchen in the future then it would be more expensive to reface your cabinets now and rework them again later. Hence it is always better not to reface your kitchen cabinets alone. You should do it together with the rest of your kitchen. This will create a synergy with your kitchen which will help you save money and also look better.
If you want to add extra room to your kitchen cabinets for specialty items, you should go towards re facing your kitchen cabinet. Re facing your cabinets will generally be a cheaper option that renovating your entire kitchen. It would be fresher clean and up to dated. When a home owner comes to buy your home, he or she would get more attracted by the re faced kitchen cabinets. Also if your kitchen cabinet is causing traffic you can go for the smart ones that move away to create space. These also have a lot of space inside. With a modern kitchen in your house, you will have an easier time as these are lighter and easy to maintain.

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Sleek And Effective Walk in Shower Trays

Sleek And Effective Walk in Shower Trays

In order to experience the ultimate in showering, you must install a Walk in Shower. Apart from giving your bathroom the modern look you desire, it also provides the added benefit of no parts in motion and no restrictions. The walk in shower enclosures includes no shower door, making even the smallest shower enclosure look bigger.

Walk in Enclosures get installed in a couple of ways; straight onto the floor of a wet room, this provides you with the definitive in shower design making room for modified enclosure sizes, but the cost is not cheap by any means. When a wet room is being designed, the type of flooring as well as drainage must be considered as crucial factors. The other choice may be to place the walk in enclosure onto a shower tray, this considerably minimizes the installation cost and also the installation time, so the showering occurs rather quickly.

The walk through the compartment is rendered safer and much more comfortable due to a series of grab bars to make sure that the customer safety is guaranteed always in the walk in shower, even at the time when the shower starts housing slippery soap suds. Folding seats are also a rather regular feature, making it possible for the elderly to sit down as well as stand up at their own will during bathing. On the other hand, customers who consider mobility as a major issue may go for such a design which makes it possible for them to slide onto a seat barely within the entrance of the shower and raise their legs into the compartment, decreasing the effort required to enter the shower tray.

Moreover, in case you are still searching for something which doesn’t consume any bathroom space and nonetheless serves the idea of the creation of a bathing area, you may go for the slim and lustrous Shower Trays. Such trays get attached to the flooring with just a water outlet and a raised water-containing outline. They are available in square, triangle for the corners, rounded, rectangle or asymmetric shapes.

The favored color is white however other shades are also available in stores. Grooves are also present on the tray surface and it may also be totally smooth. Such trays may be inserted in to an enclosure or employed independently according to one’s wish. The tray installation is so trouble-free that it may also be done by oneself however it is up to you to decide if it will be sitting on the floor directly or on a floor stand.

Walk in shower trays, despite the fact that they look glossy and delicate are generally made out of stone resin which is a strong material capable of withstanding large pressure with no difficulty. Walk In Shower Enclosure as well as walk in shower trays are fabricated to save bathroom space which they effectively manage to do.

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Sew Your Own Roman Shades

Sew Your Own Roman Shades

Create your own roman shades with these easy to follow tips and directions. By creating your own custom roman shades, you can easily get the perfect window treatment that suits all of your home accessories and decor. Use these simple low-sew directions for creating your own roman shades, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your window treatments.

Before you begin this easy to do home decor project, you’ll need a few items first:

Heavy fabric – at least a few yards


A� inch wooden dowels

Roll of roman blind fabric ring tape

Roll of webbing tape

Screw hooks

Nylon cord

Glue gun

To begin, you’ll need to measure the window. Measure the inside sill height and width of the window. Now you can transfer that measurement to the fabric. Add two inches to each measurement to allow for a seam.A�

Hem the edges one inch and insert the webbing under the edge. Use an iron to fuse the webbing tape to the fabric. A ruler or measuring stick can help you to keep the edge straight while you iron the hem.

Now you can fold under the bottom edge of fabric so you can insert a dowel rod in the fold. Pin the fabric to form pocket for the dowel. Use a tape measure to measure the distance between every other ring on the ring tape. Use that measurement to find the correct placement for next dowel pocket and mark with a pencil. Place the dowel on the mark and fold the fabric over it. Pin it together to form the next pocket. Continue along until you reach the top of blind. Once you’re done, remove the dowels and use a sewing machine to sew along the pin lines. Remove the pins and reinsert the dowels into the pockets.

Next, affix the ring tape to the sides of the blinds. Using the hot glue gun, secure the tape onto the sides of the roman blind. If your rings don’t line up with the dowel pockets, you can cut the tape as needed and glue it where they line up correctly.

Drill two small pilot holes on each end of the header board to secure you wall hanging. Install the two screw eyes onto each side of header board and one screw eye in the center of the board. Now cut two pieces of nylon cord twice the height of the window. Begin threading it through the holes on the dowels and tie a knot in each hole. Thread cord up to the screw eyes, up each side and across the center to the opposite side. Tie the left cord into a knot only in the left screw eye. Tie the other end of the cord to the bottom of the shade and thread it through the screw eye. Now the shade can be attached to the window, making it a perfect match for your wall art and decor.

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Easy and Quick Bathroom Renovation Tips

Easy and Quick Bathroom Renovation Tips

A bathroom is that part of the house where you spend some personal time. It is that space in the house where you are all by yourself and this gives you the opportunity to have some quality time with yourself. Considering how important this personal time can be to relax your body and mind, you would want your surroundings to have a calming effect on you. Not only this, many people opt for bathroom renovation because of the instant increase in real estate value it offers. When a person looks for a new home, the two areas in the house he gives maximum attention to are the bathroom and the kitchen as these are areas that provide great functional value to the homeowner.

Bathroom renovation brings great returns but you should know that it also involves considerable amount of money and effort. However there are some ways that can give you the same kind of results for a far lesser cost and hassle. For instance if you decide to get your bathroom painted with a lighter shade of paint you can actually make your bathroom seem bigger than it already is. Using light colored tiles on the floor will also help in creating the same effect. Not many people know this and think bathroom renovation means breaking down walls and changing the entire setup. Bathrooms are great places to store cosmetics, medicines, etc but this does not mean you clutter your bathroom by getting cabinets installed. Cabinets add utilitarian value to the place but they should be placed sparingly. Similarly cramming the wall with hangings, fixtures etc will also make the place look small and congested.

Kitchen is another area of the house that can make quite a big impact to the overall value of the house if one decides to get it renovated. In this regard getting countertops fixed is a great idea because it adds functionality to the kitchen. You can also use countertops to make the kitchen look new and elegant. There are many kinds of countertops available in the market that can be used for kitchen renovation. For instance granite ones make the place look posh and savvy. Reworking the floor can also turn out to be a great kitchen renovation option. In this way you can stay true to your budget and still get the desired outcome by incorporating ideas like the ones mentioned above for bathroom as well as kitchen renovation.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating A Bathroom

Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating A Bathroom

1. Poor Ventilation.

This creates mould and mildew on ceilings and walls. Not only is it unsightly but it is also a health risk. Allow for a good-sized open- able window in your bathroom and good air movement in the shower particularly.

Install an exhaust fan.

Tip: Paint bathroom ceilings with oil based semi gloss paint so that they clean easily and don’t harbor mould and mildew as easily.

2. Inadequate Storage.

Bathrooms need a good amount of storage for the cosmetics, skincare, appliances and consumables.

Vanities should have drawers rather than doors making it easier to access the contents. Make sure the drawers are deep enough to accommodate appliances such as hair driers.

Include tiled recesses in the shower for a streamlined look that is space efficient.

Mirror doored shaving cabinets have good capacity, are wall mounted so are appropriate for medications. Shaving cabinets look best when recessed in the wall.

Tip: Avoid having shaving cabinets custom made, they cost significantly more than off -the-shelf cabinets and the difference is negligible,

3. Poor Lighting

There is nothing worse than trying to put makeup on in poor light. Don’t just have overhead lighting, as it tends to cast shadows, add some cabinet lighting or make up lights.

Tip: Consider installing a wall mounted, illuminated magnifying personal mirror (The type that extends off the wall)

4. Inappropriate Materials;

All materials used in the bathroom should be impervious to water, if not they will deteriorate and go mouldy very quickly. This means avoid raw timber, wallpaper and fabric.

Tip: Bathroom mirrors should be fixed with non-acidic silicone to prevent deterioration over time.

5. Trendy, Impractical Sanitary Ware

You know the ones I mean, the basins that are flatter than a roof tile and hold less water. The problem with some ( not all) of these items is they often don’t perform their function adequately so you end up with a bathroom that looks good but doesn’t work. They can also date too quickly.

Tip: When selecting your new bath, make sure you actually sit in it and check for comfort and ease of getting in and out.

6. Installing A Toilet Where It Is Directly Visible From The Door.

This is just plain common sense. Place the toilet discretely so it is not a focal point of the bathroom.

7. Full Gloss Or Matt Floor Tiles.

Gloss tiles are slippery when wet and mat tiles are hard to clean. A low sheen tile will look good and wont hold onto soap scum as much.

Tip: There is a new tile finish available called Lapato, which has an irregular, gloss and looks great.

8. Lack of Bench Space

Often the basin occupies most of the bathroom bench /vanity leaving no room to put things such as tooth brushes, shaving things and cosmetics when in use. Make you’re your new bathroom design bench top has enough space to accommodate the basin and a work area for personal grooming.