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5 Key Tips on How to Determine Bathroom Renovation Cost

5 Key Tips on How to Determine Bathroom Renovation Cost

Bathroom renovation is never an inexpensive undertaking. For that reason it is a good idea to calculate how much it will cost you before you start throwing out the existing one in order to determine whether you can actually afford it or if it is a better idea to wait a few months to collect enough money. It is impossible to calculate bathroom renovation cost to every cent because as with most home improvement projects, there is always a chance of unpleasant surprises which are impossible to predict before the renovation project. Nevertheless, you can determine bathroom renovation cost very accurately if you pay attention to the following 5 things and add another 10 to 15 percent to the sum for unforeseen expenses:

1. New bathroom fixtures. This is the easiest part of calculating the cost of your renovation project. All you need to do is to determine what you need and how much it will cost you. The overall price of new bathroom fixtures depends greatly on the size of your bathroom, fixtures you want to replace and your personal preferences when it comes to style, design and materials.

2. Scale of your renovation project. Obviously, the more complicated and extensive the renovation the higher the price. Relocation of the fixtures, adding in new ones, etc. dramatically increases bathroom renovation cost. So if you would like to stay within a set budget, you are highly recommended to think through your wishes very well.

3. Removal of the old bathroom. Removing old ceramic tiles, bathtub, toilet, etc. is hard labor but it will cost you a great deal of money if you hire someone to do it for you. You cannot ruin anything really if you remove the old bathroom yourself which is why it is worth to consider making it a DIY project, of course, if you have the time.

4. Installation of new bathroom. Theoretically, you can install your new bathroom yourself but it is a good idea to leave over the installation part to the professionals if you are not absolutely confident in your DIY skills. This will of course increase the costs of your project but then again, ruining your new bathroom would even be more expensive.

5. Special issues. Before installing a new bathroom, it is a good idea to deal with any special issues such as mold, a leak, electrical problems, etc. They will probably require professional help which will increase the cost of the renovation, however, installing a new bathroom without dealing with mold for instance will not solve anything. Even more, it will quickly ruin the appearance of your new bathroom, not to mention that it may even jeopardize your health.

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Plan Your Decor, Then Work Your Plan

Plan Your Decor, Then Work Your Plan

Most of us wouldn’t enter into a major home project such as redecorating without at least some kind of a basic plan. However, home designers can vouch for the fact that the more attention you spend on the details of home decorating, the better your final results will be.

These days we have seemly endless resources for planning a new home decor. Books, magazines, videos, Internet articles, even videos on the Internet offer a veritable flood of ideas. Family and friends, especially those who’ve redecorated a room or an entire house, are good sources for suggestions on supplies such as fixtures, fabrics and other materials. And if the do-it-yourself spirit doesn’t capture you, there’s always an interior decorator available to help.

One thing to keep in mind while you plan is the old acronym TTT: Things Take Time. In other words, that epitome of personal style and homey comfort isn’t going to materialize immediately. For better or worse, you’re going to have to learn to live with chaos for a while, so have a plan not only for the work itself, but for how you’re going to live while the work is going on.

Unless you are independently wealthy and can simply move out while your home is being redecorated, it is a bad idea to redo the entire house all at once! Plan on doing one room at a time, for several reasons:

1. You can manage the disruption better, especially if you have young children.2. You can find space elsewhere in the house for temporarily displaced furniture.3. You’ll spend less money and time.4. You will get satisfaction sooner than if you did the entire house.

When engaging professional workers such as painters, carpenters or electricians, try to have them do all their work within a specified time period. You’ll have to do more upfront preparation and deal with an intense time of disruption, but you’ll also save a lot of money. Check your potential contractor’s credentials thoroughly before hiring. If you don’t feel right about the contract, don’t hire that person or firm. There are plenty of candidates available.

Create a family center in one room before the heavy-duty work starts. This might be an extra bedroom, den or the kitchen. Giving the family a quiet place to relax helps maintain some routine amid the chaos, which is especially important for children. You might even consider getting the little ones a new game or bedroom accent, such as an area rug with a puzzle or a roadway scene, in order to give them something to shift their attention away from redecorating work.

In addition, give the family some fun and yourself a break during redecorating or remodeling time by using colorful paper plates and cups for meals. Plain white paper goods on which the children have drawn pictures with non-toxic markers add an element of family contribution and creativity.

Finally, be sure the youngsters – and any spouses lusting after the power tool – understand that the area being redecorated and the tools therein are off-limits for the duration. If possible, have the family enter and exit the home via a separate entrance, so that the area under construction is kept protected.

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2013 Home Remodeling Trends

The home remodeling themes of 2013 are practicality and efficiency. While the country is still recovering from the recession, the lessons learnt from houses being lost to foreclosure are that of living within our means. For many people this means living in smaller homes but making the most of the space, taking the indoor/outdoor environment into consideration, and making a home work for individual needs.
Bigger is no longer better. The trend has been called the tiny home trend. Homes as small as 500 square feet are being built on small lots of land, but for most people with families, buying homes that fit the needs of the family without excess space is what is working. Within those homes open floor plans have replaced formal dining and sitting rooms. Kitchens blend into common areas and dining spaces. This not only allows for better functionality in the home, but for more open conversation and interaction of those living there.
People currently remodeling are not just looking at what is going to work for them now, but also what will be helpful in the future. The baby boomer generation is retiring and keeping an eye on how their lives might change. Doors are being widened to accommodate wheelchairs. Bathroom remodels include larger showering spaces, or doing away with glass walls and having an open shower with tile floors. Bi-level countertops and sinks are being installed for those who have active children or parents needing wheelchair accessibility. Access in and out of homes is also being considered.
Because so many people work from home, having a space where one can work in without distraction is also critical. Home offices are being created from baby rooms or other smaller rooms in the house. Home offices can also be converted in the future to bedrooms, living rooms or other spaces.
Another popular trend is making sure homes are well insulated and energy efficient. This includes the insulation in the walls as well as double paned windows, energy efficient appliances and more.
Appearances, as always, are important. As for the indoors, hidden appliances are the trend, meaning dishwashers are covered with wood fronts, other appliances sit in drawers built to fit them. Minimalist design is reigning in the kitchen and other rooms.
Carpets are out. Heated wood floors are the most popular and leave a clean finish and something that doesn’t show the wear and tear carpeting does.
Outdoors, we are seeing much more native landscaping and rock landscapes that require little water and little upkeep.
If you’re planning a whole house remodel or a partial one, keep in mind efficiency, functionality and practicality. How can your home better serve you?

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Benefits in Using Mini Blinds For Your Bathroom Renovation

Benefits in Using Mini Blinds For Your Bathroom Renovation

One of the often forgotten parts during house renovation is the bathroom. Ironically, aside from your bedrooms, the bathroom is one of the frequently visited places in your house, and yet it doesn’t get the proper attention when redecorating your home. It is often relegated as the last room to restore.

You really don’t need to spend much when it comes to bathroom renovation. You may use refurbished furniture to make your “me-time” sanctuary a comfortable and relaxing place. If you’re one of those who like spending time reading, thinking, or just hanging out in the bathroom for your nail care activities, then redecorating the small area is a worthwhile project to do.

Plan the updates you want to do in your bathroom. Check the sinks, the shower, and the pipes, among others. Replace outdated fixtures with new ones to ensure there are no water leaks anywhere. Have the walls repainted in nice, warm colors like pastels. This will help brighten the room when natural light comes in.

Accent your windows with mini blinds that are great insulators of heat. You don’t want to turn on the air vents every time you spend time in your bathroom. Mini blinds are also great at controlling the amount of light that comes in. Therefore, you minimize the need to always turn on the switch just to have a well-lighted toilet. Just consider the amount of money that you will save just because you used blinds that allow air to come naturally within the area.

If your concern is your privacy, mini blinds will also help protect you from unwanted stares or glares from outside. You may also choose to add sheer shades for further privacy. No matter how you renovate your bathroom, always consider your window treatments because the benefits of having one installed outweigh the disadvantages of having one.

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Home Remodeling – Construction Brings Happiness to Homeowners

Many homeowners shy away from home remodeling because of the expense and the difficulty in getting a project done. Others jump right in with no clear idea of how they are going to pay for it or even how they will accomplish the job. Between these two extremes is a healthy attitude towards upgrading the rooms in your house, doing something positive for your life, and incorporating the proper planning to accomplish your goals. When done this way, changing things up can impart a number of benefits. Here are some of the ways a little construction can bring a lot of happiness to homeowners.
Realizing a Dream House
More often than not, a compromise or two has to be made when buying a house. It could be due to finances, or it could simply be because of availability. After all, are you going to turn down that lovely house on the lake with everything you wanted just because you don’t like the way the kitchen looks? Of course not. But once you are settled in, you can turn your attention towards improving what you have. This is one of the joys of owning a house in the first place. Once it’s yours, it’s yours. You can do with it what you like, and for many, this includes quite a bit of home remodeling.
Fixing Damage
Over time, a house is going to start to fall apart. Whether it comes from storms, flooding, a raucous party, or just time, you’re going to take on damage at some point. When this happens, you can either hide that damage with creative furniture placement or you can start fixing the problem. Few people want to live in a house where a hole in the wall is behind every painting, so they use repairs as an opportunity to do some home remodeling at the same time. Sometimes that wall doesn’t want to be patched up. Sometimes it just wants to be knocked down.
Resale Value
Even if you are going forward with the idea that you will stay in your house forever, it’s always wise to think about your house in investment terms. Anything can happen, and you may find yourself wanting to sell at some point in the future. When that say comes, you want to be able to get as much out of it as possible. This can be done through home remodeling. For best results, unless you’re flipping the house immediately, try not to follow trends. Stick with timeless (or as close to it as you can find) adjustments and upgrades and you can be sure that it will have a positive impact on your resale value.