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Home Renovations Tips On Hiring A General Contractor

What comes to mind when I say home remodeling? Dread I bet! Remodeling, renovations, sprucing up, whatever you want to call it can all be done without headaches guaranteed. I know it is hard to believe but it is possible to do kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring renovations, home additions, porch upgrades and general upgrades without stress or breaking the budget.
Our home, like many, is in a constant state of repair and could always benefit from a minor remodel or home renovation. I can think of many things that need to be done right now. The bathroom renovations would include a flooring renovation along with updates faucets and a new styled mirror. The kitchen remodel could easily start with cabinet refinishing, flooring upgrade and hardware touches. This is not to mention we could use a room addition for extra storage and possible a guest bedroom along with some work in the basement. A basement transformation would be on that wish list too. I am sure if you spoke with my husband an out building, shed addition would be first on his list.
Of course these are the major things. This does not touch base on the millions of little items that could use some handyman touches. The doors get loose, moldings could be updated, crown molding added, pavement outside needs some repair and I am sure you could find some lose boards on our porch and deck not to mention some staining efforts could be used. There is always something big or small to be done.
This is when I begin to tell you the secret to painless home renovations. Listen close. The key to stress free remodeling is to hire a trusted contractor. When you hire a contractor you are not only hiring that person but a team of experts that support him. A licensed contractor has resources available at the touch of a button. If you need an electrician, a plumber, general handyman, painter or skilled carpenter they will be able to show you the way to a trusted professional. I am not saying that finding a contractor will be easy but the effort will pay for itself tenfold.
There are some things that will help lead the way in helping you find a licensed skilled contractor that best fits your need. The first step in finding a contractor you want to work with is to get a list of contractors from friends, family and acquaintances have used in the past. This is a great place to start. If you are new to the area a quick Google search will lend a hand in supplying a number of home renovation specialists. A terrific way in which to find out a lot of information quickly is to check their website. A website is the front window to their "store". Your gut will help steer from here on whether you want to interview them in person.
Once you have a list the next step is to call and do some preliminary checking. You will want to only work with insured, licensed contractors. This is an important first question. If they are not licensed and insured move on to the next home remodeler as a possible source for your renovation needs. Eventually you will decide on a few to meet in person. Ask them to bring a portfolio with references. Most general contractors will let you know what their specialty is. Finding a home remodeling specialist will not be difficult. Your first impression will immediately tell you whether or not this person is someone that is a professional or a quack. Ask basic questions, get a general feel and move forward. It is this simple.
A contractor should be willing to vouch for the professionals they hire to work alongside them. Professional renovators will ensure satisfaction and will guarantee that a job is not complete until the client is one hundred percent satisfied. Once you have found someone you like. Trust and that does work that impresses you refer them often and use them often. A reliable general contractor is a commodity and should be treated as one. You will find that the quality of work they do is good but is better when you are pleasant and helpful in continuing to help them grow their business as well.

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The Best Kinds of Home Decor – How to Turn Your Old Stuff Into Masterpieces

The Best Kinds of Home Decor – How to Turn Your Old Stuff Into Masterpieces

A lot of homeowners go far and wide to look for pieces that will improve the look of their respective homes. People shell out hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on numerous home decor items just to achieve the look that they want. However, more than just putting up a random configuration of various art pieces, it is important to make all these things unify and thus make it something that is distinctly your own.

Nothing beats a personal touch when decorating one’s own home, and what better way is there than actually displaying the house members’ artwork! Alright, most will think that this is an utterly silly idea, but in the following paragraphs, you will see how we can make this work, and make this personalized artwork look better than anything that you can buy from anywhere else.

One good example of “home-made” artwork is a painting made by your own kids. Do you remember that one that was made from bond paper and water color, when they were just fiddling around? While it is true that they are not in any way outrightly elegant to display on walls, a quick trip to the local craft shop to have it installed in a nice frame will radically turn what was just a curiosity into something that will make people smile for years to come.

How about old family pictures? Just do a quick tinkering with Photoshop to resize the images. You can also add some effects like gray scaling, and then print them on pieces of photo paper. Afterwards, you can have them framed and hung on a wall for everyone to see. With these, one can cherish old memories and remember loved ones who are now far away.

Old, broken toys can be refurbished and installed on wooden pedestals. There are a countless number of possibilities, and the only thing that will limit you is your imagination.

Home decor need not be painfully expensive. In reality, what makes a home a real home is the history of the people living in it, not the price tag of the furnishings inside.

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Should You Hire A Remodeling Contractor Or Do The Job On Your Own?

Many people like to do the home renovation jobs by themselves and treat them as weekend DIY projects, as this allows people to save their hard earned money. You can even find nowadays many workshops that teach you the basics of home remodeling so you are more confident in your abilities of doing the job by yourself.
However not everyone has the time to invest in doing such a huge project, particularly with having a regular job as well, so hiring a contractor is the next best thing. But this comes with a set of other problems altogether. First you need to find the contractor, then to hire him and then discuss the job. Then hopefully he will execute your commands without mistakes. Sadly there are many bad apples out there that give contractors a bad name and this is one reason why many people shy away from asking the help of a professional. They say they can do a much better job of it and in many cases they are right.
If you’ve decided to go through the route of hiring a contractor, there are a few things you need to pay attention to. For example one aspect you might consider is price. However avoid hiring somebody just because he has the best prices on offer. This is particularly important if the offer is even cheaper than what you’ve initially estimated. Something is usually wrong with such offers.
One thing that people end up being angry about once the contract is over is the fact that they have to pay extra, more than what they’ve initially agreed. When you sign the contract, make sure you read everything, including the small print. Anything extra that needs to be purchased, such as more materials, should be first approved by you. You don’t have to pay for anything that was not planned and discussed with the contractor beforehand.
As you can see, there are indeed many reasons why one would want to do the home remodeling on their own, without hiring a professional contractor. However this doesn’t mean that you will be scammed out of your money or you will get a bad job all the time. If you decide to hire somebody, you simply need to do your due diligence and learn as much as you can about your contractor, so you can be sure that you get, indeed, a good job done at the end of the day.

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Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby Chic Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where we can be ourselves and relax, read a book, watch television and of course sleep. Your bedroom is a peaceful place where you retreat to after a long days work or play. You should be able to go into your bedroom, close the door, and leave the world behind you. That is the most relaxing and satisfying feeling, you can ever get. This room should be warm, welcoming and tranquil. Shabby chic can make this possible.

To turn your bedroom into a sanctuary start with transforming the bed. If you have available to you wooden doors, an iron gate, or any other interesting item that can be attached to the wall turn it in to a headboard. Next concentrate on bed linens.

Bedding and pillow cases should be of a fabric that is soft but frilly. Lace and other fabrics with ruffled edges or fringe will work well. Throw a handmade afghan at the foot of the bed. Don’t be deterred from mixing fabrics and patterns, for example, velvet with chiffon and tweed with silk. As long as the color scheme blends it will look great.

When picking your color scheme, remember that shabby chic normally uses the color white, pastels, floral colors and patterns. If you happen to be in the mood for painting, pick colors from the green, yellow and baby blue families or you can simply stick with cream white. A lot depends on what kinds of furnishings and accessories are being used. If you have any pieces you want to convert to your new theme paint them white. For accessorizing your bedroom, look for antique items like a floral wash bowl and iron picture frames. All that glass that you have had in storage can be used as well. Increase the lighting in your room to really make it shine.

Lighting sets the mood in your room. Why not try hanging a small chandelier over your bed? And if that’s not your flavor place glass candle holders around your room or find lamps that have prisms or beads hanging from the shade. All that’s left is an area rug.

An area rug can complete your room by giving it the warmth and comfort that you need. You do not have to use a typical dark, rectangular area rug. You can choose from a variety of rugs that will fit the color scheme. So keeping with your shabby chic theme, pick area rugs that are pastel in color or have a floral print. If you can not find an area rug you like, consider having one made to fit your room and personality perfectly. Additionally, the area rug does not necessarily need to go on the floor.

Area rugs can make excellent tapestries, so think outside the box and hang it on the wall. This shows real creativity, which can help add energy to the room. Your bedroom is the place in your home where you reenergize. It should be cozy and warm just for you.

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5 Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

5 Factors to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathroom renovation can be quite the undertaking. There are so many different elements that are fit into such a relatively small space. And when you decide to take on the job yourself, things can really get interesting. If you’ve decided that it’s time to renovate your bathroom and aren’t sure where to begin, here are five important factors to consider:

Budget – This is an obvious one. And it will help you determine the amount and quality of all the materials you’ll be using in your renovation. Always be sure to add a little on for incidentals… because we all know they always happen!

Plan – You have to have a plan. This one could even go before budget, but they are certainly intertwined. What materials to use, your timeline, your design, all fall under the plan. Start off with a good plan and you’ll reach your goal that much faster.

Floors – There are lots of different choices for a bathroom floor. Linoleum, hardwood, I’ve even seen carpet. But my favourite pick is definitely ceramic tile. It is a very sturdy, very attractive floor that will add character to the room and will last for years.

Walls – It goes without saying that your bathroom is surrounded by walls. Everytime you turn around, there’s another wall. There are lots of options here, too. Again, I’m partial to tiles. Depending on your sense of style, glazed tile can be really nice. And be sure to let the colour you choose reflect your personality.

Sink – The sink is often forgotten but it usually is a focal point in most bathrooms. With a sink, you’ll really have to take how much space you have into consideration and whether or not you need storage space. There are many options from a traditional sink and vanity to a pedestal sink to a versatile console sink.

Of course, there are many other factors involved in a successful bathroom renovation, but these five will help point you in the right direction.