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Bathroom Renovation On A Budget

Bathroom Renovation On A Budget

Many men have suffered in these hard economic times, so they do not even think about remodeling their home. Since no one has money to waste, even for a casual drink on the weekend, it may be nice to save money for a small fix up. Because people are spending more time at home, it is smart to make the space as comfortable as possible to enjoy where the most time is spent. The question becomes what to fix up first. Take a walk around and think about what needs the most repair. Oftentimes, the kitchen has been recently redone and needs very few things to update it.

The living room is usually quite cozy and has been decorated in the way that the homeowners like. The bedroom has usually been fixed in a comfortable manner as well. However, after stepping into the bathroom, a person notices many things that may be improved. Most things need to be replaced or upgraded. It may be very affordable as well.

The first thing that can be changed in a bathroom is the toilet. If it is stained and old, it can be brightened. It is important to add color; perhaps buy new tile that will match in an upbeat way.

Next, the cabinets can be easily refaced. Sometimes old cabinets have hinges that do not work properly. Others have edges that need paint. This can be easily fixed with one trip to the store. Cabinets are the focal point in the room that grab the most attention. They will set the mood for everything else.

The room’s lighting is also very essential. It will help to have a bright room, especially in the morning when a woman is trying to apply her makeup. Buying brighter light bulbs or new fixtures is a simple way to make the room look nicer.

Each time a person uses the toilet, they discover that the water is not running properly. Hiring a plumber or fixing the problem alone will get rid of a great amount of aggravation for everyone living in the home.

Many times, a person does not pay much attention to the walls in the bathroom. It may be a great place to add additional decor into the room. Adding artwork and pictures onto the wall, will make the space more engaging.

The last way to remodel the bathroom is to make it an entertaining space. Perhaps a person can add a television or a source of music into the space. This will be perfect when a person wants to relax and unwind in a nice warm bath.

That brings a person to think about the tub. These days, many people enjoy the possibility of having a private spa right inside of their home. If the space is too tight to allow for an expansive tub, remodeling the shower area may work better. Nice tile and a new shower head may be perfect. There are a great amount of shower heads on the market that are energy efficient. Others offer massaging features that anyone will love.

Even if a person needs a budget bathroom makeover, it is possible to upgrade this room without spending a great amount of money. Changing a few small items like fixtures or paint color will totally transform the space. It is a great opportunity to add more value into the home for the future.

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Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Common bathroom renovation mistakes can be avoided if:

You pen down the exact changes needed in your bathroom.

List the precise cost associated with each task.

Classify the costs on the basis of materials required.

Work closely with the contractor so that everything is done on time.

Common errors include…

Inaccessible Plumbing: Hard to reach plumbing is the last thing that you’d want to be surprised with! During your renovation, if you notice substandard plumbing, then you might have to rip apart the tiles or the flooring to reach a solution in future.

Embarrassing Doors: It definitely wouldn’t be a pleasant sight to open the door of your newly renovated bathroom only to find it banging into the shower wall. Make sure you check the door’s fitting beforehand to avoid this bathroom renovation blunder.

Insufficient Toilet Leg-Room: Your old toilet was fit to be dumped. The sparkling new one sits there all chic and fancy. However, after one trip you find out that there is no space! Avoid this blunder with a floor diagram.

Humidity and Molds: A manual or an automatic exhaust-fan is a must-have to get rid of all the moisture and odor.

Lack of Storage: That’s exactly how your towels, napkins, shower gels, face washes, shampoos, soaps, razors, shaving cream, perfumes and gazillion other toiletries are going to be, if you do not plan for smart storage options in your bathroom.

Being Too Cheap: Saving money wisely is commendable. However, going for the cheapest available options every time would mean compromising on quality more often than not.

Ask a lot of questions and interview at least 3 contractors before selecting one for the job. Make sure you get all the job specifications, associated costs and expected time-frame for completion written down, and signed with mutual consent to avoid any ambiguities in the future. You also want to see whether the contractor is going to do the work by themselves or whether they are going to outsource labor to less skilled renovators.

Making a foolproof plan beforehand will save you from most of the common bathroom renovation mistakes. Designing and planning for procuring materials well-in-advance will save you time and unnecessary costs in your bathroom remodeling project. Also, entrust the job of your bathroom renovation to a smart contractor if you are even slightly unsure about DIY kits and projects. You will end up losing more money than paying the contractor.

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Bathroom Renovation: Create a Bathroom Haven

Bathroom Renovation: Create a Bathroom Haven

The bathroom is the one area in the home you can be completely alone. If you have a family you know that your kids want your attention most of the time. You love your family but sometimes you need to have some alone time. A bathroom renovation is just what you need to create your bathroom haven.

If you have the space a bathtub with a step to walk up into the tub is gorgeous. Picture your bathtub surrounded by marble or ceramic tile. You may hire a professional to put a design within the ceramic tile on the wall. The ceramic tile on the floor can still match but have the ceramic tile laid at a diagonal. It costs more for the ceramic tile to be placed diagonal but well worth the extra expense in sophistication.

If you like the vintage look you may have a claw foot bathtub installed. Have the claw foot bathtub placed in front of a new large picture window with a gorgeous view is a suggestion you can give the professional you hire to install the bathtub.

To add natural light to your bathroom you may want a skylight put in your bathroom haven. At night you may even see a few stars as you lie your head back while you are in your cozy and warm bubble bath. You are surrounded by candles that you have placed around your bathtub as well. You may even have a magazine rack on the floor filled with magazines that you enjoy as well as interesting books.

You may want a very large vanity put into your bathroom to keep all of your items neat and organized. Being organized is definitely one way to have peace of mind. With a very large vanity you can keep all of your washcloths, towels, make-up, hairdryer, toilet paper, bubble bath, extra shampoo and conditioner you find on sale, etc., all neatly stored in your bathroom vanity. It is wise to hire a professional to place the very large vanity filled with cabinets in your bathroom. If you try to install the vanity you may not measure correctly and you will end up having to take the large vanity back to the store you bought it from. When trying to place the vanity you may damage it. When at all possible hire someone who has experience.

You deserve to have a bathroom haven after all of the work and caring you do for your family. A professional can help you decide on the bathroom haven of your dreams. He or she can also help you figure out the best bathroom for you and your spouse. If you have children he or she can help you lay out the bathroom that will be the best choice for all of you.

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Helpful Bathroom Renovation Tips

Helpful Bathroom Renovation Tips

If you are tired of your bathroom and are looking to give it a more modern look, a renovation just might be in order. Imagine how nice your new bathroom will look with new counter tops and perhaps a tub or shower along with shiny new fixtures. But, before you commit to such a daunting undertaking, there are a few things to consider. With proper planning and the right attitude, you will get the bathroom of your dreams.

The most important step is proper planning. If you fail to plan everything precisely, you could end up with a disaster. There are many contractors involved depending on the scope of your renovations. You could potentially need a Plumber to route the piping and connect fixtures, an electrician to handle the wiring duties, a tile expert for your new tiles, a building expert to redo walls and the ceiling, and a painter. Unless you want to deal with all of these people on your own, you may want to use a building contractor to manage the project. That is why it is very important to have the design detailed precisely and signed off by all parties involved. You don’t want to leave room for any finger-pointing later if something goes wrong.

As you can see, depending on the scope and complexity of your renovation efforts, this is not going to be a trivial expense. Get estimates from everyone involved in writing. You need to make sure there are no misunderstandings later. There are things that you can control to help you keep costs in check. You are renovation for a reason, so take advantage of the opportunity to get the design and features that you want. however, where possible, it will always save money to keep as much of the basic layout as you can. By keeping electrical outlets in the same places, or very close, and the same goes for your plumbing pipes, you can minimize the amount of work to be done and help cut costs.

Once you have the layout designed, you can start to focus your attention of the items that make your bathroom look great. Your lighting, the counters, storage space, mirrors, and fixtures. For these items maybe you have visited a friend’s home and picked up on a few ideas or maybe you are starting from scratch. There are many online sources and, of course, the local home improvement stores with many styles and materials that you can use to get your perfect look. Take some time and make sure that you are getting items that you really want to live with for years. Your budget will play a major role in the selection of these items. There are many fantastic choices in a wide range of prices. Take your time and you will surely find the fixtures you want that fit within your budget.

These tips should be enough to help your understand just how complex a renovation project can become. But with the right planning, the right design, and the right fixtures, your renovation project will be a success and your will be thrilled with your new bathroom.

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Give Your Bathroom A Facelift!

Give Your Bathroom A Facelift!

Is your bathroom feeling worn and a bit on the ancient side? If money is tight and a complete remodel is out of the question, there are still many options to brighten your bathroom and breathe new life into the space, at a lower cost than you are probably imagining.

Here are several tips to freshen the look of your bathroom:

Clean Out Old Items

First, remove all furniture and decorations, and give your bathroom a thorough cleaning from top to bottom, including all those troublesome hard-to-reach places that haven’t seen the light of day in ages. Toss out all the old creams, beauty and hygiene products. With clean surfaces and cleared space, you can get a fresh look at your bathroom and can decide which changes will make the most difference, and which areas need the most attention.

Establish A Budget For Your Project

Set the daydreaming aside for a moment and try to be realistic about how much you will be able to invest in your bathroom renovation project. Once you have the plan and budget in place, stick to as best you can and try not to deviate too much. That is not to say that unexpected expenses won’t arise, but be reasonable about your budget and make sure the major expenses will fall in line with it.

Decide Which Items Can Be Replaced

It’s completely understandable if replacing the tub or shower isn’t possible. However smaller changes can bring a decidedly improved and modernized appearance to your bathroom. Such items include small cupboards or medicine cabinets, towel racks, or even a new faucet. While not particularly expensive, these smaller items can dramatically improve the overall appearance and appeal of your bathroom.

Fresh Paint

There are few changes that will make as dramatic an impact as color. Replacing old wallpaper and applying fresh paper or a coat of high quality paint can make your bathroom a much more pleasant place to be. Lighter blues and greens will set the mood for relaxation, while brighter colors give the space a spark of energy.

Replace Old Flooring

For an average sized bathroom, replacing the flooring can be done without breaking the bank. Laminate flooring and vinyl tile are viable choices for almost any bathroom, and a much better alternative to carpet or hardwood.