Bathroom Renovation Designs That Save Money

One of the most expensive aspects of remodeling a bathroom is resizing it. However, a smart bathroom renovation design, rather than a complete makeover, can save you a lot of money…

Try sticking with the existing plan. It is possible that you are bored with the lay-out of your bathroom and want to radically transform it. Think twice, because moving the sink, bathtub, toilet or shower will need different plumbing, dramatically increasing labor and material costs! If you try and convince yourself to live with the current arrangement and design the bathroom renovation around the existing floor-plan, you will save money.

Use Tiles Wisely. An attractive tile design is sure to impart a striking look to your bathroom. However you can use tiles sparingly and still have them make a big impression. Think a little out-of-the-box and use tiles in a single horizontal or vertical line or a crisscross pattern on flooring or walls. Then either paint the remaining area or use cheaper tiles for an enhanced visual pattern.

Economizing via Countertops. Another most essential aspect of a beautiful bathroom is a countertop. Observation says that the most popular colors and designs among countertops are the most expensive. Why not opt for the striking ones among the wide range of less used hues and save money? Countertops come in a variety of designs and there a lot available with visual imperfections which are quite cheaper than those with symmetrical designs. The best part about countertops is that a lot of area will be covered under the sink and faucets. If the flawed area can be hidden with one of these, it hardly matters whether the design is inadequate.

Modify Instead of Replace. Completely functional sinks, bathtubs, shower, faucets and toilet can be given an absolute face-lift without replacement. Talk with the your contractor and find a way to incorporate re-finished equipment in your bathroom renovation design to avoid unnecessary expenses. Simply applying a fresh coat of paint on the cabinet or fitting a liner over your shower or bathtub can enhance their face-value. Cost-effective pre-fabricated showers are available in hordes of designs to make up for the urge of getting a tiled shower, which is definitely more expensive. Being prudent and watching over these little nuances in a bathroom renovation design can spare you from a lot of redundant expenses.

You can definitely save a lot of money if you keep thee aforementioned tips in mind when you renovate your bathroom. All you need is to think a little differently and to work closely with your contractor to make sure that he is implementing your cost saving plans.