Green Kitchen Remodel Tips

If your idea is to do some kitchen remodeling, then you need a plan and a budget. While making your plans you should consider a green kitchen remodel.

A green kitchen remodel could be healthier for your home and the environment.

As a healthy side note, if your home is older and you plan on ripping out anything you may need to check for lead based paint and asbestos.

With these two items checked and resolved – if needed- it’s time to make your plan.

If you would like to go green but you are afraid you don’t have the green to spend you will be interested in the first low cost green remodeling tip:

• Keep the same kitchen layout and renew as many items you have now. As an example, you could reface your cabinets, or paint, or stain them.

However, not all items should be renewed. You could paint your appliances and give them and updated look. But, if you have the money, you should update the appliances, and buy energy efficient ones. You should also consider energy efficient windows, doors and skylights. A skylight would add additional daytime lighting.

After planning on all the new windows, doors, and appliances you may decide to go green entirely. If you do, then I have the second green remodeling tip that is good for the environment:

• Remove items from the kitchen carefully. In this way they could be reused by someone else. Donate to a local reuse shop or list in newspaper or online.

Now that the kitchen is gutted it’s time to get green. What is green? Listed below are some green options:

Cabinets- Will take a big chunk of your kitchen remodeling budget. When choosing green cabinets, buy natural or sustainable harvested materials. Choose low VOC finishes and for your adhesive the book, “Prescriptions for a Healthy House,” recommends solvent free carpenters glue as the adhesive. If you are ambitious, you could make your own cabinets with formaldehyde free plywood and buy your doors.

Countertops and backsplashes-Recycled materials can be used, such as stone and glass tile. You could make concrete countertops, or use stainless steel, or even butcher block.

Efficient Lighting-LED lights can be added for efficient task lighting. Compact fluorescent light bulbs should be used in your other lighting fixtures.

Faucets- according to the website “For maximum water efficiency purchase aerators that have flow rates of no more than 1.0 gmp”

Paint – Use only low or no VOC paint.

Flooring – Do not use vinyl on the floor. Instead you can use bamboo or cork, or sustainable harvested wood. However, if you like the styles of vinyl then choose natural linoleum instead.

As you can see it is possible to save green and go green in a kitchen remodel. If your budget allows and you can go completely green that’s great. However, if you can’t, even a little green is better for your home and the environment, than no green at all.