Popular Bath Remodeling Trends

The bathroom is indeed the new den. Nowadays, more and more individuals are heading to their bathrooms to unwind, relax and luxuriate after a week of hard toil in the workplace. There are plenty of homeowners these days who are upgrading their rooms, lavishing them with almost anything from heated floors to soaking tubs, for their household’s comfort. But peace and quiet aren’t just the only motivating factors for many household owners. A nicely remodeled bathroom is a good investment that can increase the real estate value of your home. If you are planning a bathroom renovation project, here are several trends that you might want to consider.

Huge and airy showers. Showers are literally huge and in small baths, household owners are slowly tearing out their tubs to make room for larger showers. The shower stalls are not only getting taller, it is also getting more airy inside with the addition of more glass. People these days want to indulge in luxury with their very own baths, creating that ‘spa like’ ambience.

Say goodbye to noisy Jacuzzis and hello to soaking bathtubs. The bathtub trend is indeed far from dead, it is however, constantly changing. More homeowners are now looking for a serene and peaceful experience from soaking tubs. These highly innovative jetless bathtubs are the deep insulated tubs from Victoria + Albert.

Shine some more light! According to many industry experts, master baths re now slowly becoming sanctuaries. A lot of homeowners want their master baths to be brighter and sun filled than before. This need calls for the installation of skylights and adding more windows in bathrooms.

Steam baths. Steam is becoming a major trend in contemporary bathrooms. People are now becoming aware of how nice it is to come home at a day’s end and distress. For a bath to transform into a steam room, several things have to be reconfigured including marble or tile surfaces, vapor tight doors, a seat, floor drain and a sloping ceiling for drain condensation.

A huge blow. Any bath would need an effective ventilation to clear off its mirrors and extend the life of its finishes. Many bathroom remodeling experts recommend the use of remote fans that has a motor positioned someplace else, like the attic. These fans are extremely quiet and can be as ten time as powerful as normal vent fans. You can also install fans that have built in humidity sensors that automatically powers on.

Smarter storage areas. Added storage is a ‘must have’ in every bathroom renovation project. But the increase has to make sense. Large and deep drawers won’t fit in bathrooms but for pot and pan storage in the kitchen. Baths will need small drawers with plenty of dividers. There are many household owners who also enjoy vanity and medicine cabinets which feature outlets inside for an electric shaver, curling iron and toothbrush. This gives your bath a less cluttered look. It is really the small things that add up to a wonderful bathing experience.

Heated bathroom floors. There are a growing number of households these days that opt for electric heating on their bathroom floors. People often complain discomfort with cold tiles. There are companies that manufacturers a mesh placed under tiles and then connected to a thermostat wall.

Go green products. With a huge trend on home renovation these days, it can be easy to lose sight of green ethics and sustainability. If you go for heated floors, make sure you attach it to a timer. There are also low flow toilets these days. Consult your bathroom remodeling Los Angeles contractor on how you can make your home more energy efficient and environment friendly.