If we were to go through history and find out which one of the stair stepping was used the most, we would probably end up with some type of a stone or rock, but we don’t have access to that kind of information. We’re going to base our finding of the most popular stair tread, off of the current trends.
It’s not hard to find this particular tread, because it’s an almost every house, and throughout the United States. If you haven’t figured it out, we’re talking about Oak and particularly Red Oak stair stepping. Now, I haven’t done a survey and you can’t hold me to it, but everywhere I look, I find stair steps and entire stairways that are made out of this particular building material.
I’ve been working on my stair building website for quite some time and have spent thousands of hours, creating all of the necessary parts, for it. During this time, I’ve been taking notes and making observations about what stair parts are popular among homeowners and which aren’t.
If you’re planning on building a stairway and you’re interested in a good solid wood stair step for, you have two choices. You can find a nice Oak stair steps or purchase any other stair step, made out of wood. Oak is obviously the most popular, even though there are plenty of stairways that use other types of wood.
One more note, make sure that you base your stair idea purchases on what you really want and not what everyone else has.