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How to Hire The Right Contractor

How to Hire The Right Contractor

When owning a home, a person has much responsibility and therefore needs to keep careful tabs on all of the appliances and fixtures of their home. They also need to occasionally improve the makeup of the home such as getting new faucets, a new sink, a new shower head and new appliances and countertops. Although some people can make these improvements themselves there will be a time when they will need outside help. The person they will need to hire is a contractor or remodeling contractor. A remodeling contractor is a professional who specializes in the repair, construction, and installation of various things such as toilets, cabinets and plumbing systems.

When looking to hire a contractor you need to take some things into consideration. First you need to find out what particular services they provide. This is important because you need to know if they are able to perform the functions and tasks that you need done. The next thing to consider when hiring a remodeling contractor is the price. Making sure that they provide the right price for the services is affordable for you and is also reasonable for the given market. Finally you need to find out the person’s reputation. During this process you will need to find out if they are competent, reliable and honest. If they meet these standards then you will have a great option for completing your home improvement project.

There are many places to find a contractor for your home improvement projects. First you can look in the phone book or online yellow pages directory. In these directories you will be able to find numerous available options. You can also join a business networking group in order to find a remodeling contractor and see if one is available. This can also provide an opportunity for you to get referrals if necessary. Asking your neighbors is another option you have in order to find a remodeling contractor. Finally looking online is another way of looking for a contractor to hire. There are some contractors that have a website for you to view and seek the services of.

Once you find a contractor that appeals to you then you contact them and ask them to come over and do the job for you. If they meet all of your criteria as far as price, service, and reputation is concerned then you are well on your way to getting the job started.

Hiring a contractor or remodeling contractor can be a tricky process due to the amount of factors to consider. However there are plenty of options to choose from and therefore you will have numerous opportunities to get the one that meets your needs. Between directories, acquaintances and neighbors along with figuring out price, services and track record hiring a contractor is quite a simple process most of the time.

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Seeking Bathroom Renovation Ideas?

Seeking Bathroom Renovation Ideas?

A bathroom renovation project may just be what you need if you feel that your home isn’t giving you look you really want. You may opt for a different colored wall, new fixtures or even a renovation of your shower area or flooring. You can either choose to do all of this yourself or hire a professional service to complete all the work. You can get a variety of bathroom ideas from many sources.

First, try to request free consultation from a professional remodeler. You will get free advice on many aspects of your project. You will find out how to improve your flooring, fixtures, colors, and many other features of your project. By all means, you can even use the remodeling services for areas of your improvements you wish not to tackle yourself. A professional service will also give you ideas on what contractors you can work with to adjust the lighting, put in new flooring, or even for installing a new toilet.

With technology always improving, it is now possible to install computer software that will help give you ideas on how to choose designs as well as installing new fixtures. It will even show you how much spacing you may need for a total renovation. You can either purchase this software or download it for free on several different home improvement websites.

Visiting showrooms can definitely give you ideas that are trendy and represent the looks of today. You will be able to compare and contrast to see what finishes would be most appealing for your restroom.

Getting renovation ideas doesn’t have to be a struggle. There are many resources available to help get you through your bathroom improvement project.

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Guidelines to Hire a Contractor

Home improvement serves as a task itself, however, the contractor/contractors involved can turn a simple task into a large sum of woeful worries. Hiring a contractor may seem like a minuscule feat, but such a myriad of things can go so wrong, so fast.
Marketing referral websites are companies formed to make money, similar to any advertising magazines received in the mail. The only difference is that they air it on popular devices such as television, for the general public to view, and be unduly influenced. In my opinion and personal experience as a client, I have seen disreputable companies represented as credible by marketing engines. As a general contractor myself, I would personally recommend to use these guidelines when hiring a contractor.
1. Make sure your contractor is licensed and insured.
2. Whether you are getting a permit for the job or not, tell them that you are, in order to see the reaction, and if you are told it will only influence the price, it is a good sign, but if he begins to say things such as “It’s a small job”, “You don’t need one”, or “I’ve done so many jobs without permits”, etc. you should be cautious. (In my opinion, sometimes it is okay to do the job without a permit, in order to prolong the job.
The only way to do this though, is if you trust your contractor, and he is using the right materials, guidelines, and knows what he’s doing.
3. If possible, it is recommended to ask to see other work that the contractor has done. Ask about warranties.
4. Inquire to see works in progress, and use this advantage to see the crew.
5. Try to use contractors that people you know have used. This way, you can see work that they have previously done, and can get honest opinions of the contractor and his work, instead of playing guessing games, and reading online reviews that could be fraudulent and misleading.
6. Once the job has been completed, don’t be afraid to openly share your opinions of the contractor. Prove unreal reviews to be false, and alert anyone you know seeking to improve their home, of the contractor and whether they are credible or not. Also, try to file “Rip-off Reports” which allow other people to know/see the true work/reviews of the business. Many disreputable businesses use marketing tools to heavily advertise, and receive jobs, which is how they make their income. Filing reports against them helps to get the word out about their downfalls, and whether or not they are a company worth hiring.
7. Make sure to make a contract with the contractor you have selected to hire, but remember to make sure that everything you are looking for is included in the contract. Remember that having the contract does not insure that your contractor will respect the contract. Make sure the payments specified in the contract keep you comfortable throughout the whole process.
Good Luck!

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Bathroom Renovation – Tips

Bathroom Renovation – Tips

The bathroom is easily one of the most visited rooms in your house; and it is also a room that is most frequently renovated. After time, bathrooms can begin to look drab and dreary or even out of date as decorating norms change. Bathroom renovations also offer a number of great benefits, not the least of which include dramatically increasing the value of your property while creating a comfortable and relaxing environment for you and your family. The following bathroom renovation tips will help you to build the bathroom of your dreams on any budget!

Focus on the Fixtures

Your bathtub, toilet, shower, and sink are the main fixtures in your bathroom and they go a long way to creating your ideal look. Pedestal sinks are elegant and create a more classic design, while cabinet vanity sinks are practical for storage but sometimes less stylish. The continuity of your fixtures is also important, and most home and bathroom supply sources offer groups of fixtures that match. If you are renovating on a budget, you should look for floor models or slightly damaged units that are usually available at a significant discount.

The Bathtub

Even though the bathtub is just one of the fixtures to consider, it is probably the most important. You’ll have to choose a bathtub that not only meets you r needs, but also fits the space you have available. Always sit in a bathtub before you purchase it, because you’ll want to make sure to get something that is comfortable. There are a wide variety of bathtub styles available from just a simple porcelain tub to models with jets and space for two bathers.


Bathroom flooring must be durable and attractive. Marble, stone, and ceramic are excellent choices for a bathroom as they are strong and available in many designs and styles. In addition, bathroom flooring must be water resistant because if not your flooring will likely get damaged. Hard wood flooring and carpets are not unheard of for bathroom flooring, but they are not always the most appropriate choice. For renovators on a budget, linoleum flooring can be attractive and affordable.


Mirrors are a central design element of any bathroom. While providing the perception of space, mirrors are also a great way to bring your personal style into your bathroom. Elegantly framed mirrors are functional as well, and they don’t need to be expensive. Many homeowners can find a beautiful mirror that enhances the look of their bathroom for under $100.


Your bathroom is the room that absolutely must have good lighting. Dimmers are an excellent option that allow for ample lighting over the sink for when you’re getting ready for work or play, and they allow you to control the amount of light more easily.

Let your Style Shine

Bathroom renovation is a major industry today, which means that there are a wide range of fixtures, flooring, mirrors, and lighting that can help you create your ideal bathroom. Even though you can get plenty of tips about how you should update your bathroom, you should always remember to let your personal preferences guide your choices.

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Hotel Bathtub Refinishing Saves Up to 80% Over the Cost of Bathtub Replacement

Hotel Bathtub Refinishing Saves Up to 80% Over the Cost of Bathtub Replacement

Hotels bathtub refinishing is saving hotel managers, property owners and others in the hospitality industry up to 80% over the cost of bathtub replacement. And many hotels are using the money that is saved in surface restoration, to update other parts of their property. It has been the custom of many in the hospitality industry to replace dulled, scratched, and outdated bathroom fixtures like bathtubs, sinks, and countertops with new fixtures.

What many in the hospitality industry have known is that bathtub replacement is expensive, but what many have not fully appreciated is how inexpensive it is to resurface these fixtures, instead of replacing and throwing them into the landfills. The question then is, ‘how can bathtub refinishing save hotels up to 80% over bathtub replacement’?

Bathtub refinishing can cost a hotel about $200 to $250 per tub when you factor in the volume discount. In a hotel bathroom remodeling project, just to replace a standard bathtub and enclosures alone, can cost over $2,000 dollars. This is because of tearing down the walls, cost of getting rid of all the mess, the plumbing and tile work. And then when you add all the money that property managers lose by not having those rooms available for guests during the time of renovation, you see why the price really goes up.

With bathtub refinishing, there is no demolition and tear out, so the bathtubs are refinished in the bathroom at the hotels. Therefore, with minimal interruption of guests, hotels get to use their almost like new bathtub after 24 hours. This translates into huge savings for the hospitality industry.

And as the economy continues to tighten and the competition continues to heighten for hotels, more hotels are going to need very creative ways to bring in new guests while keeping the guests they already have. Surface restoration has proven effective in saving money during renovation while maintaining high quality standards that guests demand.

Hotels bathtub refinishing advantages in a nutshell

*It takes only about 4 hours to refinish a bathtub. It takes days and perhaps weeks to replace a bathtub.

*Hotels have no removal of sink or plumbing.

*Hotels have no damage to their walls or cabinets.

*Hotels save up to 80% on the cost of replacement.

*Hotels lower their carbon footprint because refinishing is the best green remodeling alternative.