Limestone is a sedimentary stone and is a famous building material. Limestone tiles are softer than all other tiles. They come in different designs and colours. The popular ones are like blue, green, grey, dark browns, beige and cream. They are more suitable for kitchens and bathroom as they are available in various patterns. They attract the home owners by their hardness, long-lasting and they have low porosity. The oil resistance property of the tiles makes them suitable for all the areas in the home. If you prefer a natural look then, they are the best choice. They are available for both the walls and floors. They suit the formal, traditional or modern look. They offer a new appearance to the room by its remarkable patterns and textures.
The tiles look great due to their earthy colours and venation. They are versatile and the French classical pattern offers an elegant look. They look good when they are laid in patio, balconies, laundry and hallways. Limestone tiles are flexible and they need sealant coating when used in moist areas. If you do not seal the tiles properly then, surface will fade easily. They serve well for more than a life time. The special feature of the stones is that, their prettiness enhances with age. The climatic conditions and the moisture will not discolor the surface. Based on the tiles’ maintenance, the beauty and shine remains forever.
They are resistant to allergens and germs. This nature of the stone makes them suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens. This is the best option for people who are prone to allergies. Limestone tiles are popular among the homeowners and you can buy them from online retailers. Before ordering the tiles, you must make sure that they are of high quality. You can choose the shape and pattern based on your theme. Exterior decoration looks great with matte or unfilled textures. Tumbled or brushed finishes look superior in pathways or landscaped gardens. Honed finish gives an excellent appeal to the kitchens. This also has non slippery surface and is the perfect finish for this most used floor. Polished finish also looks good for kitchens and bathrooms. Make sure that the polishing does not make the surface slippery.
You can order the tiles from the online stone suppliers and you can get some samples before placing the order. Make sure that the delivered ones are same as the samples. Check the edges properly and make sure that there are no damages while transportation. You can go for a professional installation for laying them and the sealant depends on the tiles’ porosity. You can use a contrasting colour of grout to enhance the surface appearance. Regular maintenance of the surface will make them live forever. Select the best pattern and create wonders in the room.