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The Advantages of Timber Blinds Are Numerous

The Advantages of Timber Blinds Are Numerous

If you have considered purchasing wood window treatments for your home, you should be aware of the many advantages of timber blinds. They can make your home more energy efficient, accentuate nearly any decor and are fairly simple to install. They can be found in online stores and in many home improvement centers and retailers that carry bedding, bath and home decor products. Though they may cost more, they will last as long as you own them, if they are taken care. They are also much easier to clean that vinyl or PVC products.

Timber is solid, but it does expand and contract with the weather. This makes it an ideal choice for homes that are prone to high humidity. It holds up to extreme heat, such as that they may be present with large picture windows. PVC blinds can warp or melt under such conditions. Wood window treatments can help keep much of the heat in during the winter. They will also keep the sun out during the summer, helping save on electricity for cooling systems. They can be considered an investment when such savings are realized.

Wood is always a good choice, regardless of a room’s decor. It’s natural grain will coordinate with hard wood pieces of traditional furniture and can be used with classic style draperies or curtains, for a more formal look. They are made with simple, clean lines, so they can work with more contemporary decor just as easily.

Many modern pieces of furniture are designed using a combination of steel and wood. Others simply consist of steel. In this case, wooden window coverings will help soften the look, while maintaining the simple lines of modern decor. They will definitely work with a more rustic decor, such as in a log home or cabin. There are different finishes available, so you can match them to the shade of your logs if you desire.

Because many finishes are available, you can find wood window treatments that are appealing to you or that will work in your rooms. There are many light finishes such as pine and light oak. Cherry, maple and Walnut are some darker options.

While these products are a bit more expensive than other types of blinds, they are still very affordable for most homeowners. A single 24 inch wide item can be purchased for as little as $30 to $40, depending on where you shop. The advantages of timber blinds make them a wise purchase.

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Types of Home Makeovers

These makeovers can be customized to meet individual home needs. There is a lot you can do, for instance, home remodeling, additions, water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, kitchen and bath remodeling, glass shower installation, tile work, and hardwood floor installation, which includes refinishing, hand scraping, and pre-finishing planks.
Dallas remodeling also includes laminate and tile floors, decks, porches and fences, radiant barriers, and re-insulation of exterior walls. Some other makeover jobs include new window installation and removal of old ones, dry wall texture, painting, gel staining cabinets, baseboards, crown moldings or other moldings, and much more. There are many alternatives for home improvement and remodeling.
How To Choose The Best Contractor
To search for a Dallas remodeling contractor means to ask for references within your social circle. Apart from that, it is also important to keep these tips in mind or rather discuss these aspects when you meet a potential contractor.
Fees – The fee should be reasonable and discussed clearly. In fact, the total expenses should be clearly stated in the contract. It is important to take everything in writing. The contractor may ask for a certain percentage of fees before beginning the work. This is reasonable enough and you can arrive at a percentage that is agreed mutually.
Schedule – This aspect is very crucial since you do not want your house to be full of brick and dust. Discuss the time frame with your Dallas remodeling contractor. This too should be taken in writing to avoid any disagreements later.
Warranty – Most of the contractors will offer you warranty for few years. In case, there is some wear and tear, they will repair it without charging any fees. This would ensure that you do not spend on maintenance until the warranty is valid and active.
Testimonials – Ask for references from your contractor. You can check out whether the existing customers are happy and satisfied with the job. This kind of feedback will help you take a decision. The past performance of a contractor is an indicator of his abilities and skill.
Staff Strength And Material – Look into the staff of your Dallas remodeling contractor. The larger the staff, the faster will be the work done. A larger number of man-hours mean your work will be done quicker. Also, check if the cost of the material is included in the contract or not. It is advisable to let the contractor arrange for material, since he will get it at a reasonable rate.

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Home Remodeling

Important Considerations to Make Before Choosing General Contractors

One of worst mistakes that homeowners could make in their home building or home remodeling projects is to choose and hire general contractors based on how low they offered their bids for a particular project. Hiring a contractor or a home builder with the lowest bid does not guarantee that you will get a high level of quality, an efficient construction schedule, good materials and even security.A�
Although cost-effectiveness is an important aspect in any home remodeling project and would be an important and vital factor in the selection process for general contractors, it is not your only or sole basis for selection. There are other considerations to make that involve checking out the company and getting guarantees of their work. This should be your basic process whether you plan to build or renovate a home in Boston, Massachusetts or anywhere else around the nation.A�
On top of that, there are certain qualifications and standards that your general contractors should adhere to, including green building standards and practices. These requirements are being applied by government entities in their own construction requirements and these should also be applied to domestic applications as well.A�
Green Building Qualification of Your General ContractorsA�
The concept of environmental practices or what is more commonly called as green building has been an old concept already used in the past but it recently gained more attention and popularity in recent times. In line with this, the U.S. Green Building Council developed a Green Building Rating System which is more commonly known as the LEED certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and is an important qualification that your general contractors should have.A�
General contractors that are qualified for LEED certification are expected to use environmental-friendly methods and procedures during their construction projects, including activities for home renovation or home remodeling. Such practices include the construction of energy-efficient structures, as wells as reducing or even eliminating the volume of waste materials generated within a construction site.A�
There are four levels of certification in LEED and this includes the Certified, Silver, Gold and the Platinum levels. General contractors with certain levels of LEED certification would be ideal for your home remodeling project, particularly if you are keen in having an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient home. The result would not only be good for the environment, but with your finances in the long run as well.A�
Other Considerations for Selecting General ContractorsA�
Aside from LEED certification, there are other considerations that a homeowner could rely upon when trying to decide which general contractors to hire for their home remodeling projects. These considerations include:A�
* Membership in a reputable association or organization such as the National Association of Home Builders. As a member, general contractors are required to provide company information which will be scrutinized by the association in order to gain acceptance as a member. Homeowners can get required information from the association regarding a particular contractor.A�
* Check for any consumer complaints lodged against your general contractors from your state or local Better Business Bureau. Should there be a complaint, try to get in touch with the complainant and know the nature and reason behind the complaint.A�
* Avoid entities that have no apparent documented records in any associations, organizations or even in the Better Business Bureau. You might be dealing with a building scammer.A�
* Get as many bidders as you can, with three as a minimum. An indication of reputable companies would be a bid that would be at least closer or slightly higher with the rest of the bids. A bid that is considerably low than others are questionable in nature, so be careful and ask a lot of questions and background checks.A�
A home renovation or a home remodeling project is a worthwhile endeavor particularly if you have the design and the budget in place. However, you would need qualified general contractors who will get the job done and give you the results that you are expecting.

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Remodeling Tips to Make a Tiny Bathroom Appear Larger

Remodeling Tips to Make a Tiny Bathroom Appear Larger

If you have shopped around for a new home or condo, you may have noticed that newer model homes feature spacious, large bathrooms. Compared to older model houses, contemporary designs focus as much on comfort as they do efficiency – whereas your home may have a smaller bathroom because it isn’t designed for leisure, but functionality. These days, though, people want to pamper themselves with a lengthy bath or take their time getting ready for the day, and it cannot be accomplished well in a small bathroom. If you are unable to widen the area, there are still ways to remodel so the space looks bigger and more comfortable.

Looking for ideas to get rid of that closed-in feeling every time you use the bathroom? Here are a few ideas to get you started. Some you may be able to do yourself, while others may require the help of a reputable contractor who specializes in bathroom renovations.

1) If you have an under cabinet sink, consider replacing it with a pedestal model. The removal of the cabinet will free up that space and make your bathroom look less cluttered. It’s not uncommon to let your bathroom build up with dozens of half-empty tubes and bottles. Try to economize with your toiletries and use one common shelf unit – like something that positions over the commode – while clearing up other space.

2) Consider a second mirror or replace your current bathroom mirror with a larger one. Mirrors are used often in decorating to add depth to a small space. They train your eye to see the room as lighter and larger.

3) If you are able to replace the flooring, try something in a light color that better reflects the light rather than absorbs it. Larger tiles, too, may help open up the room.

4) Bringing more light into a room not only helps open the space, but makes the room more pleasant. If you have curtains, try removing them for a short time and see if it makes a difference.

Above all else, keep the bathroom clean whenever possible and remove items that don’t necessarily have to be there. If you keep a laundry hamper in your bathroom for convenience, try moving it to a closet or the laundry room to make more space. More light, and a color scheme that emphasizes the brightness in your bathroom can help create the feeling of space that you want.

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Home Remodeling: Time To De-Clutter Your Kids’ Rooms – Simple Tips To Get The Process Started

All kids have toys. Kids of all ages. The clutter just tends to creep up and it all begins to blend in with the surroundings. What parent has not stumbled over a toy that they would have preferred not to? With a New Year, comes a new reason to de-clutter your kids’ kids may turn their noses up at first- give them time; they will think their room looks pretty nice once the process is complete.
Clothes, clothes, clothes. Do your kids just toss their clean/dirty clothes on the floor? Make sure you have a special container for them to place all of their dirty clothes in. Maybe it’s a clothes basket, a clothes hamper, or a special box that you have made together. The key sure you have a specific container for their dirty clothes and they know that their dirty clothes go in the container. Most kids from the age of three should be able to grasp this concept. Mom & Dad may have to show a little guidance along the way, but this will work.
Introducing a desk to a youngster is a good idea at around the age of three. This desk can be their work space. From coloring books, puzzles, writing utensils, and homework; this designated area should be well lit and offer your child a quiet setting. As a parent, it will be up to you to determine when, or if, a computer should be used on this desk. We live in an age of electronic apps and our kids are jumping in at all different ages. Ultimately, it’s up to you, the parent, as to when you will decide when to take the electronic plunge.
Make sure you have a kid friendly toy box in the room. If you have a toy box that looks old and dilapidated, chances are that you and your kids will not be encouraged to use the toy box. There are many unique toy boxes in the market place today. Toy boxes that kids will want to use and actually want to store their toys in them. Use some creativity, tie the toy box in with the d?�cor of your kids’ room and you will have a kid friendly toy box.
If space is truly an issue, you will want to make use of the space underneath your kids’ beds. If your kids’ beds don’t have built in storage units, you can use some boxes that fit underneath the bed to store anything that seems to be in the way. From clothes to stuffed animals, this space can be used to your liking. This area would also work as a great place to store an extra set of bedding. What parent hasn’t stripped a bed in the middle of the night and had to hunt down new bedding? This would alleviate the night time hunt!
The clutter does not have to exist. Work with your kids and they will appreciate the fact that you do care. Once you have removed all of the clutter, you will probably notice that a fresh coat of paint and a new floor would really “wow” your kids’ room. Laminate flooring i s a healthy choice when it comes to flooring in your kids’ bedroom, as it is scratch resistant and will not harbor those “crumbs” or dust mites. Make the de-cluttering process a family project and enjoy the fact that the days of stumbling over all of those toys should come to an end!