Bathroom Renovation Ideas: From Vision To Reality

On the average, a person spends 30 minutes in the bathroom: 15 for hygienic purposes and another 15 minutes more for the use of the facilities. For some people, the bathroom serves a definite purpose, while for some people, it is an extension of their design philosophy. But whatever camp you may belong in, a bathroom can increase or decrease your property’s value. That is why it is important that when you are keen on renovating your bathroom you contact a contractor who can translate your bathroom renovation ideas into reality.

Bathroom renovations can be tricky. It is not just about having your old one demolished and having another one built according to design ideas you have seen in a friend’s home or from browsing the Internet. Listed below are 4 things you should consider discussing with your bathroom renovator:

1. Space and Flow

At first you might get excited about fitting in a new bath tub or toilet in your bathroom. But unless you are planning to expand your bathroom’s space, you have to carefully consider what goes where. Overlooking this area might lead to a bathroom that is cluttered and cumbersome to use.

2. Colours

Every person has his or her favourite colour. This is evident in the choices they have made in their home’s exterior and interior. In the renovation of bathrooms, some opt to follow or complement the colour scheme implemented in their homes. Others opt for the opposite, going for colours which are much bolder. One thing you should consider before you make a decision is that the colour of your bathroom can be a deal breaker when you’re trying to sell your home.

3. Product and Fitting Selection

Many homeowners find out that selecting the right products for their bathrooms can be difficult. This is where a reliable bathroom renovator comes in handy. With years of experience, they’ll know where to find the best products to suit your design preference and budget.

4. Plans and Drawings

Essentially, plans and drawings outline the direction by which your bathroom renovation will go, putting together your design ideas along with inputs from your contractor. Plans and drawings ensure that costly mistakes are avoided in the renovation process.

Bathroom renovation is a collaborative process between you and your contractor. It is not enough to simply find one that can make your design ideas a reality. You’ll need a contractor who can work with both your ideas and your budget for a new bathroom that increases your home’s value.