Bathroom Design Tips For Summer 2011

More extroverted householders may be happy to learn that colour blocking is in this year, in a big way – and it could transform an otherwise dull bathroom into a bold, statement-making suite.

The trend for matching strikingly-saturated tones together is back and can be seen anywhere from the catwalks to domestic decorating.

Clashing colours can be a dramatic way to make the most of this fashion but claimed more conscientious consumers may prefer using a neutral pallet as a base for brighter accessories – which could include a techni-colour poster or a vibrant shower curtain.

People that are keen to transform their interiors are advised to make the most of the wealth or resources out there, from makeover shows to magazines and the internet for inspiration.

Also another idea might be using wallpaper. This might be a sticky subject when it comes to decorating but as long as consumers opt for a material that will hold its own in a moist environment, there is no reason why we can’t all paper our bathrooms. For many, this may seem like an obvious thing to remember, however interiors enthusiasts can get carried away by an inspiring pattern or perfect print -DIY jobbers are reminded to stick to toilet-friendly makes rather than risk a peeling and buckling nightmare. Vinyl-backed or water-resistant types are recommended, but steam is rarely an issue if the room is well ventilated. A tip for wear and tear area is mounting glass between towel rails and the wallpaper to prevent abrasion.

In addition homeowners keen to add a touch of glamour to their cloakroom may also consider a white and marble scheme in the smallest room. The water closet can be transformed into a fresh, bright and regal-feeling space with bleached woods, dazzling porcelains and glittering fixtures. And although as a material it may not be snow-white, marble can be a subtle way of adding colour to the cloakroom, as flecks of muted colours and shining geological details can add texture to an otherwise stark space. White bathroom suites could be just as timeless as all-white kitchens, claw-foot tubs and translucent curtains or blinds as ways to make the water closet more personal. The vintage look may work well in a bleach-bright bathroom and people recommended to keep an eye out for unwanted items that – with a touch of spit and polish – could make statement pieces.

Making the most of your space is also an essential factor. Householders keen to make the most of their bathroom space have been advised to try and make their washrooms an extension of the bedroom. The water closet should connect with the entire master bedroom floor of the home, sometimes an interior designer can help make this happen. Consider your bathroom as an integral part of your bedroom, dressing area and even hallway.

In addition, when it comes to making the best use of space, it was suggested that consumers assign parts of the room for particular functions, and that it’s a good idea to find the perfect spot for a toilet or pedestal sink, while lighting fixtures can tie the entire space together. Remodeling the bathroom should be as much about adding value to a property as it is making it a beautiful living space and investing in quality fixtures and fittings to impress potential buyers in the future.