All kids have toys. Kids of all ages. The clutter just tends to creep up and it all begins to blend in with the surroundings. What parent has not stumbled over a toy that they would have preferred not to? With a New Year, comes a new reason to de-clutter your kids’ kids may turn their noses up at first- give them time; they will think their room looks pretty nice once the process is complete.
Clothes, clothes, clothes. Do your kids just toss their clean/dirty clothes on the floor? Make sure you have a special container for them to place all of their dirty clothes in. Maybe it’s a clothes basket, a clothes hamper, or a special box that you have made together. The key sure you have a specific container for their dirty clothes and they know that their dirty clothes go in the container. Most kids from the age of three should be able to grasp this concept. Mom & Dad may have to show a little guidance along the way, but this will work.
Introducing a desk to a youngster is a good idea at around the age of three. This desk can be their work space. From coloring books, puzzles, writing utensils, and homework; this designated area should be well lit and offer your child a quiet setting. As a parent, it will be up to you to determine when, or if, a computer should be used on this desk. We live in an age of electronic apps and our kids are jumping in at all different ages. Ultimately, it’s up to you, the parent, as to when you will decide when to take the electronic plunge.
Make sure you have a kid friendly toy box in the room. If you have a toy box that looks old and dilapidated, chances are that you and your kids will not be encouraged to use the toy box. There are many unique toy boxes in the market place today. Toy boxes that kids will want to use and actually want to store their toys in them. Use some creativity, tie the toy box in with the d?�cor of your kids’ room and you will have a kid friendly toy box.
If space is truly an issue, you will want to make use of the space underneath your kids’ beds. If your kids’ beds don’t have built in storage units, you can use some boxes that fit underneath the bed to store anything that seems to be in the way. From clothes to stuffed animals, this space can be used to your liking. This area would also work as a great place to store an extra set of bedding. What parent hasn’t stripped a bed in the middle of the night and had to hunt down new bedding? This would alleviate the night time hunt!
The clutter does not have to exist. Work with your kids and they will appreciate the fact that you do care. Once you have removed all of the clutter, you will probably notice that a fresh coat of paint and a new floor would really “wow” your kids’ room. Laminate flooring i s a healthy choice when it comes to flooring in your kids’ bedroom, as it is scratch resistant and will not harbor those “crumbs” or dust mites. Make the de-cluttering process a family project and enjoy the fact that the days of stumbling over all of those toys should come to an end!