In today’s news we are hearing more and more about “green building”. Since most American’s aren’t planning to build a new home to “green” standards, how might the majority of us become involved in the movement to make our homes more environmentally friendly and healthier for our families? Whether you are planning to remodel an existing space, or you suffer an insured loss to your home, you can “think green”!
What is a “green” remodel? It is an effort not only to make your home look better but also to make it work better. The goal is to make the home healthier, more efficient & easier to maintain, while lessening our homes affect on the environment. I believe that most people agree that those are worthwhile goals.
There are a lot of misconceptions concerning green building. Many people think that the costs are too high to consider, or that they do not want to live in a home that looks weird. The fact is, remodeling a home with “sustainable” (another word for “green”) products need not cost significantly more. And, with the savings that come with the use of such products, the costs may actually be less! It is a myth that a green home looks different when compared to a conventional home. Placed side-by-side, most folks would be hard pressed to tell the differences.
No matter what the circumstances are that have led you to think of remodeling, there are endless possibilities to be considered in planning to build “green”, whether a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or other living space. Manufacturers of building materials are spending millions of dollars to have their products certified “green”. From roofing materials to plumbing fixtures to wood products to flooring, the choices are becoming readily available to upgrade your project to a “green” space. Not to mention that a number of insurance companies are now offering “green upgrade” policies which will allow you to upgrade to “green” products in the event that your home suffers a loss. Be sure to ask your agent if such a policy is offered by your homeowners insurance company.
Americans spend billions of dollars each year remodeling their homes. Please take the time to explore the many ways that you can add value to your remodeling project by going “green”. Doing so will allow you to save money, enjoy a healthier home and reduce your homes impact on the environment.