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Brilliant Bathroom Renovations Regardless Of Your Budget

Brilliant Bathroom Renovations Regardless Of Your Budget

As any realtor will tell you, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home, and if you are thinking of putting your home on the market, it is worth spending some time renovating your bathroom. A spacious, modern and attractive bathroom can add value to a home and most potential home buyers are more likely to be interested if your bathroom looks good. On the other hand, an old fashioned, shabby or inefficient bathroom can put many home buyers off, and leave them thinking that it is simply more expense for them once they have moved in. Most bathrooms could use some renovating or improving of some kind, and even if you are not thinking of selling, it may just be time for a change.

A bathroom should be a pleasant environment, and a place to relax, perhaps after a hard day’s work. If you are having a hard time deciding whether to spend the money on renovating your bathroom, one effective strategy is to consider how your bathroom makes you feel now. If the room is not inviting and pleasant to use, it may be time for a makeover. Another point to consider is that your bathroom is probably the room that is used the most, not only by you and your family, but by any visitors to your home. For that reason alone, it is worth spending the time to have it looking its best, and if your bathroom has that run down and neglected look, it may be time to treat yourself to a great new look.

When planning a bathroom renovation, consider the overall look or theme that you are going for, and ideally, your bathroom should complement the rest of the house. Renovating need not be costly and time consuming; even changing the accessories can help to give this small but important room a great new look. Although it is often tempting to combine two or more different styles, such as traditional and modern, this can often create a cluttered look, and you should try to stick to just one style if possible.

Whether you are moving or not, renovating your bathroom, or simply changing things around and updating the look, can be beneficial and can really help you to appreciate the time you spend in there. A bathroom really can be an ideal place to escape from the stresses of everyday life and if yours does not fee like that, it may be time to do something about it.

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The Easy 3-Step Guide to Buying a Claw Foot Bathtub

Add $5,000 to Your House for the Price of a Claw Foot Tub
Claw Foot Bathtubs, like all bathtubs, come in different styles with different accessories. This guide will help you choose the right one for a classic-looking bathroom that could add as much as $5,000 to the price of your home.
We all like to build rooms around themes, no matter how subtle. Post World War I or the Roaring 20’s have been popular themes for decades. Nothing exemplifies these more than the classic claw foot bathtub. But like any fixture for the house, it’s important to pick the type and accessories that suit the period you are building your theme around.
The claw foot bathtub is free standing, supported off the floor a few inches by claw-shaped feet that are attached to the bottom of the tub. Most everyone has a mental picture of this very attractive and popular tub. In the period of 1890-1910, literally millions were installed in homes of that time.
Step 1 Picking the Type of Claw Foot Tub
There are five main types or styles of claw foot tubs:
* Classic Roll Rim- The post World War I or late 19th century tub is the most popular and well known of all the claw foot bathtubs.
* The Slipper- Named because one end has a high backside, resembling a lady’s slipper, that adds to the bather’s comfort. It was made to give someone a lounge position to rest their head.
* The Double Slipper- This tub has high backsides at both ends, with a side mount faucet and center drain configuration.
* Double Ended- Rounded at both ends, to enable one to pick, which way they preferred to bath. This claw foot tub has a side mount faucet and center drain configuration just like the Double Slipper.
* The Pedestal Tub- This claw foot tub, famous in the 20’s and 30’s, is reminiscent of bathroom gin and wild parties. It sits on a pedestal and has an art deco style to it.
These are the five main styles that lend themselves to themes involving 1890-1939. They are great theme conversation pieces, as well as adding comfort and practicality. They are very attractive and most women picture themselves lounging in the deep water they allow, drifting to some fantasyland with no stress or demands. What a nice addition to any home, while increasing its value and appeal.
Step 2 Picking the Faucet and Drain for the Claw Foot Tub
You must pick your style of tub first, because the plumbing and faucet arrangement needs to match the style of tub (see Double Slipper above).
There are three types of Faucets:
* No Faucet- You will need to purchase a free-standing type of faucet with a high goose neck configuration, or a wall mount.
* Wall Faucet- Faucet is attached to the wall with pipes and supply lines visible. They can also attach to a faucet that comes through holes in the side of one end of the tub, much like faucets in tubs today. Don’t worry-the pipes and supply lines are very decorative and made to add to the atmosphere of the bathroom.
* Rim Faucet- The rim faucet is very attractive for claw foot tubs, which have the holes in the rim at one end or the center and the faucet is easily manageable from the tub.
Drains are made for either end mount drains or center mount drains.
Step 3 Picking the Supply Lines
Since the claw foot tub is a free standing tub, which shows the sides and bottom the supply lines are open to the room. Very decorative in appearance, these 8″ lines come in three configurations:
* Double Bend- As the name implies, it has a double bend in which to get as close to the tub as possible and still get around the lip.
* Single Bend- This configuration is used, because no lip is present for an added bend.
* Straight- Last there is the straight configuration which comes straight up and is usually used with a wall mount faucet.
Again, you must have picked your tub style in Step 1 and your faucet type in Step 2 to know which of these supply lines to use.
Another consideration is a shower, which is optional but you need to make this decision up front before Step 1. A shower rod is needed and comes in a configuration according to the size and style tub you chose.
Lastly, the tubs come in cast-iron or acrylic. Cast iron will conduct the heat so keep the water heated longer. Acrylic tubs have more designs to pick from and are easily repairable.
Claw foot bathtubs are fun, attractive and a showpiece in perhaps an otherwise dull bathroom. Remember: they increase the value of your home and can help sell the home when you are in competition with others in your price range.

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How to Start in Remodeling a Garage

Remodeling a garage is becoming more popular with every year that passes. If you have a growing family or you simply need more space for your fixtures, you can turn your garage into another usable room. With less expense in your part, you can enjoy more space without the burden of breaking your bank. When starting the whole project, here are the ways to help you with the task.
Get Ideas
In remodeling a garage, you need to gather as many ideas as you can on how you will convert the space into another room. The idea will depend on how you want it to turn out after the renovation. If you plan to turn it into another kitchen, you can get some tips from kitchen renovation experts. You may also consider reading more magazines that cater to the task. Once you know what to do with your space, you can contact the different professionals to help you with the job.
Contact Professionals
The professionals you need will depend on the kind of work you want to do. But generally, you will need an architect to help you design the structure for the remodeling job. If you need added lighting and power outlets, an electrician is also a must. In case you will convert it into a bathroom or kitchen, you need a licensed plumber to do the waste and water systems.
Estimate the Cost
By getting an expert’s advice, you can have a rough estimate on the expenses that you will incur in remodeling a garage. They will provide you with the list of materials and from there, you can start canvassing on the prices. You can ask for quotations from different construction companies to get the best deal.
Remodeling a garage can be your next home improvement project. By simply following the steps above, you can easily start preparing for it.

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Kitchen Remodeling – Top 5 Reasons to Remodel

Your kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in the household because it’s the gathering place for the whole family when they get hungry. Food is one of the essential pleasures that attracts people to the kitchen making it the busiest and most used location in your home.
Because of the overwhelming significance people place on their own cooking area, the popularity of kitchen remodeling has gained a large number of interested followers. If you wish to do some home remodeling, the kitchen is the best place to start.
Top 5 reasons for kitchen remodeling1. Upgrade existing kitchen
Whether you have just moved into a new home or have lived there for some time, you may not be entirely happy with your kitchen because it’s not functioning how you want. For instance you want to create a center island to make better use of space or the appliances are not sufficient or located in hard to reach places.
2. Family expansion or reduction
When you purchased your home you had no kids however now that you have several kids you may want to expand your kitchen to accommodate your family members.
Alternatively you may have a large kitchen but now the kids have left home and you’re not as active as you were years ago. A smaller kitchen would make it easier to access all the appliances, cabinets, etc.
3. Custom-made kitchen
You’re not happy with the stock kitchen you received with your new house and wish to have a new one designed. A custom kitchen may be expensive however you’ll be happier with it because it’s built according to your needs and fits your lifestyle better.
4. Increased market value
New home buyers always visit the kitchen because it’s where they’ll spend most most of their time. If it looks old or well used (ie faded colors, scratches, broken hinges, etc) consider getting it remodeled. Even if it costs you thousands of dollars to remodel you’ll recoup the costs by increasing your homes market value.
5. Partial remodeling
Instead of remodeling the whole kitchen you may just want to remodel the counter tops, kitchen cabinets or flooring. Each of these areas may become worn out, lose their colors or the hardware is outdated and needs replacing.
Whatever reason you have, remodeling a kitchen is a great investment because it not only adds value to your home but will give it a fresh new look you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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Southwestern Home Decor

Southwestern Home Decor

The best designs I have ever seen in a home is western decor. People never really realize how good a home can look until they have seen a house with western decor. The feeling of being home is emphasized very greatly when there is western decor and western items in a home. Almost every person in the United States or other country comes from a western background if you go back far enough. The designs that can be managed with western decor are not are actually very easy and simple to do, but you have to be willing to spend a couple dollars on the little items first such as a place-mat.

The place-mat is recognized a lot when people come into your home they look around then they focus on the place-mat. If you are someone who likes when people ask questions about your house. Like why did you decide to do it in western decor its a simple answer, it takes people back to their roots and for some it even sparks the desire to find out where they come from. Makes them want to see if they have a wild western cowboys in their family. Personally I love the western designs in my home and I think a lot more people would like the same designs also if they just knew where to look and what to start out with. Well I would start with a place-mat first then maybe even some coasters. They only cost maybe ten dollars at the most, but they will make your home feel like a western home in no time at all.

You can expound from them and get even more western decor and eventually your home will be a western home with its own unique it will take to get started is a couple place-mats then the possibilities are endless with western home decor.