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Bathroom Water Conservation With WaterSense – Four Useful Tips

Bathroom Water Conservation With WaterSense – Four Useful Tips

The bathroom is the room in the home where most of a family’s water usage can take place. Between taking a shower and flushing the toilet, the amount of water used in a day for a family of two or more can be astounding. In order to conserve water in your bathroom and save money on your monthly bill, consider these four helpful hints.

Use as little water as possible. A lot of water gets wasted when people leave the faucet running while brushing their teeth and washing their hands and faces. Instead of waiting for the water to get really hot, use the water at room temperature if possible. In addition, don’t leave the water running while you brush your teeth – you could be wasting gallons each month!

Replace old faucets with water-conserving ones. Turning off the faucet isn’t the only way to save on water. You can also save on the amount you use simply by having the right kind of faucet. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests purchasing faucets that are marked with the WaterSense label, which identifies products that perform better than their less efficient counterparts, are 20 percent more water efficient than average products and provide measurable water savings results.

Install a low-flow toilet. Depending on how many people share a bathroom, a toilet can get flushed many times throughout the day. Flushing the toilet can be a significant way to use up water, so getting the right kind of toilet can make all the difference. Again, looking for products with the WaterSense label is a great way to find an efficient toilet suited for your bathroom.

Change your showerhead. The average household can save more than 2,300 gallons of water each year by simply installing a WaterSense showerhead, according to the EPA. The standard showerhead uses 2.5 gallons of water per minute (gpm), but a WaterSense showerhead uses no more than 2.0 gpm. It’s also been proven that taking a shower can use more water than taking a bath. So don’t be afraid to light some candles and take a relaxing bath every once in a while.

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Hume Plumbers Guide on Plumbing Safety

Before you decide to conduct a DIY plumbing repair or project, you need to understand the necessary safety precautions you should take care of. We are talking about implementing safety tips and legal requirements that will allow you to deal with the installation with ease.

We recommend you to click here to learn more about DIY plumbing projects.

Since plumbing is a daunting project that uses pipes, you should know the best materials for particular needs, including sewage, pressurized water, and many more. Each material comes with different advantages and disadvantages and will affect the overall results of your action.

Whatever you decide to do, we recommend you think twice before handling a plumbing project by yourself. It is much better to prevent potential issues that can be highly expensive.

Besides, a small mistake can lead to devastating water damage, which will affect your belongings and take even more money out of your pockets.

That is why you need to be sure that you wish to tackle a particular project by yourself. In the further article, we want to explain things you can do and things you should avoid doing yourself.

Plumbing Projects You Should Tackle By Yourself

When it comes to plumbing, you should know that the best way to prevent potential problems is always to think ahead.

Therefore, you should stop for a moment and determine why you need a particular pipe, what is inside, whether you should shut it off first or not, which are essential aspects that will affect the success.

A single mistake can make a difference between a disaster and a simple project, which is why you need to be extra careful.

  • Open Drain Properly – Before you remove a cleanout and separate drain parts, you need to stop thinking about whether the contents will get out in your direction. It would be best to remember that drains are not under pressure, but clogs can occur in some situations, creating significant pressure due to the weight and gravity behind them. Imagine that you open a cleanout basement and creating a disgusting and problematic surrounding.
  • Shut Off the Water – If you want to operate the parts of plumbing that use the current water supply, it is vital to completely shut the water valve to prevent leaking and flooding your household. Sometimes, you will notice a knob or decorative cap that will keep pressurized water from popping up. If you are not sure where to find a valve, we recommend asking someone who has good experience and expertise to help you along the way. For instance, if you need a plumber in Hume, you should conduct comprehensive research beforehand.
  • Inform Yourself about Each Step of the Process – You should be aware of all plumbing and local building codes before deciding to start with a significant and expensive project. At the same time, you should know things you are allowed to do by yourself and aspects of installation in which you need to find an expert to help you with the process. The main goal is to get a permit for a particular project before you start to avoid hefty penalties.
  • Eye Protection – The essential aspect of safety is that everything depends on your needs and preferences. Therefore, we recommend wearing safety glasses while doing plumbing work significantly since the numerous issues can damage your eyes. If you are using a drill, hammering, reciprocating saw, or working under a sink, that could pose safety problems to your eyes. Simultaneously, if you are using a snake drain, you should also protect yourself beforehand. The idea is to be completely aware of all possibilities before you make up your mind. Since drain gunk, sewage, and dirty water can cause eye irritations and infections, you should wear safety goggles.
  • Hand Protection – The same thing that works for eyes goes for hands, especially since you will meet different chemicals and materials while handling a plumbing project. That is the main reason why you should find working gloves that will prevent potential accidents and injuries. For instance, when you decide to use a drain machine, you should use latex gloves to protect you against germs and bacteria.
  • Lung Protection – You should also protect your lungs by wearing a facemask. In case a project involves sanding and sawing, you need to take additional precautions by getting disposable facemasks to prevent breathing dust particles that can lead to severe respiratory conditions.
  • Tool Safety – When you decide to use power tools, you need to read the user manual beforehand to make sure that you read all recommendations before use. If you wish to drill holes, you will need a powerful 1/2-inch drill. It is vital to make sure that the cutter or drill does not affect your operation. In case you are using heat, such as soldering, you need to be cautious, especially near electric installations and wall. It would be best to use a heat shield to protect other materials while working with the soldering torch.

Plumbing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Even though the process can be straightforward and straightforward, everything depends on your capabilities and equipment. Of course, the main rule you need to follow is to avoid rushing into things.

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Instead, you should think about your project altogether and create a proper strategy and plan that will allow you to handle everything without causing havoc.

  • Code Requirements – A common mistake people make is neglecting building and plumbing codes, which are there to protect your household and the general public. Therefore, ignoring regulations can lead to severe problems. For instance, if you place a vacuum breaker in a water supply, that may contaminate entire public water and lead to serious consequences.
  • Double-Check Before Cutting – Before drilling into a wall or cutting into a floor cavity, ceiling, or other areas within your household, you should know what is behind the surface. Remember that holes tend to hide electrical wiring, plumbing pipes, and ductwork, which is not something you should compromise.
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Outdoor Art – Turn Your Dull Patio Into A Paradise

Outdoor Art – Turn Your Dull Patio Into A Paradise

When it comes to having a beautiful property, there are so many options available. You could invest in some landscaping and craft a beautifully manicured lawn. With a little work, you could start a flower garden and have fresh flowers decorating your property that you can cut for any occasion. Alternatively, you could erect a water fountain somewhere on your property that allows for the soothing sound of running water.

Because there are so many options available to those of us who want to improve the aesthetics of our property, there is no one correct choice. However, taking into account your neighbors, your personal taste, and your budget, you should be able to come up with something completely unique and awe-inspiring with a little bit of effort.

Something completely different

Maybe you already have a pretty lush lawn, a decent flower garden, and even a fountain that birds like to drink from. If this is the case, you undoubtedly already have a beautiful property. What could you possibly do to improve the look and feel of your property in this scenario? Well, one thing that’s catching on recently is known as outdoor art.

When you want to liven up your home, it isn’t a stretch to assume that you might hang up some paintings, pictures, or posters. The impact the perfect painting has on your home decor is undeniable, and because of this, can be the defining factor in your home’s visual appeal. This same principle can be applied to the outside of your home. With outdoor art, you can harness the same power of perception even outside the house!

What is outdoor art, anyway?

Unlike traditional pieces of art, or pictures, outdoor art is designed solely for the great outdoors. This isn’t mean that the content of the art has anything to do with nature-it could be completely unrelated, and often is. What it means is that the art is designed to withstand the elements.

Rain, sleet, hail, snow, humidity, insects, and animals are all things that can damage your property. If you were to hang a normal painting outside, it would get ruined within a week, guaranteed. However, with outdoor art, this isn’t the case. Outdoor art is created to withstand just about anything nature can throw at it without losing any of its original appeal. Because of this, incorporating outdoor art into your property’s look and feel is a long term investment!

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Lawn Seeding Company in Virginia: How Profitable is Hydroseeding?

The first seeding machine was built around the 1950s to 1960s for the state hi-way commission during the interstate hi-way system construction. In some areas, hi-ways had to cross hills instead of going around them. Workers discovered that it is more efficient to “shower” seeds into the properties around the pavement compared to spreading the grass seed.

From then on, hydroseeding remains a cost-saving and effective way to establish grass in hi-ways and other properties like residential lots. Today, lawn and landscape companies can find this kind of business to be a profitable opportunity. According to experts, it is a service that most established companies are offering.

Whether contractors use this method of spreading seeds as an add-on service or their leading service, there is still a lot of room to grow and establish a profitable business. The most significant change in this industry has been the cost of starting this kind of business.

In the early 90s, some low-cost seeding equipment emerged, making it easier and more affordable for an average contractor to provide hydroseeding services. This kind of service continues to get favored over time. Businesses are up 25% in the number of equipment sold from 2013 to 2014. Equipment manufacturers are anticipating another 25% in growth in 2021.

To know more about hydroseeding, click here for details.

Recognizing the need for seeding

There are a lot of benefits to this process. Spraying a mixture allows more flexibility when it comes to applying the seeds precisely and not having to worry about the landscape features. For instance, it is pretty useful in seeding areas like the hillside since contractors can stand at the bottom and spray the seeds from there.

It is also suitable for hard-to-reach or irregular areas like walkways, narrow areas adjacent to sidewalks, flowerbeds, and other unconventional places. Hydroseeding demands less labor, both dry seeding and sodding. It is a profitable service to add to the landscaping business, or companies can make it their primary focus.

According to experts, doing the process between five and ten lawns would pay for the machine in just one year. Contractors can charge more for this kind of service since customers recognize it as an excellent way to get their lawn established, and that is why they are willing to spend premium money for this service.

Not only that, it is a one-stop operation, and the grass will come out faster since the seed is immersed in water, so animals avoid eating it compared to dry seeding. The materials used will not also blow off as hay or straw would. It would cost a little less compared to dry seeding since it is a much faster process, but the materials used will be the same for both methods.

Compared to installing sod on an area, the main benefit of this method is usually the cost. This kind of service usually cost property owners a quarter of the price of putting sod. Sometimes, installing sod could have problems with grass growing or taking rook on the new soil. Property owners in wealthy neighborhoods will usually get sod in their lawns because they are instant yards, and they do not necessarily worry about its cost. In some cases, the client will sod only their front lawn and then use the backyard’s hydroseed method.

How grass works? Check out for more info.

Challenges to overcome

Although it is forgiving overall, the service also has some possible drawbacks like the equipment’s cost. A machine for this method might not worth the cost if they only serve one or two clients. The best option for occasional jobs would be to lease or rent a machine. The key to a successful seeding job is to prepare the soil beforehand.

If the soil preparation is lousy, the seeding will also be lousy. If the area is not prepared, usually, companies will charge extra to bring in topsoil and skid loaders. Most experts prefer that the soil is already prepared and are ready to be seeded.

Having poor water sources will serve as a limitation to a company’s efficiency

The time it will take to refill a machine with water can also be a tough challenge when it comes to productivity. Not only that, if clients do not have a spray system in their yard for irrigation, contractors will then rely on the property owner and, of course, mother nature of water.

Sometimes, it can be very risky if the grass does not thrive and come up. Who can property owners call if these problems arise? Whether they dry seed, sod, or hydroseed, homeowners will need to water the yard. If homeowners don’t water the yard, their seeding results will be a little bit spotty. If it rains very hard, the hydroseed mixture may be washed away or puddle and needs reapplication.

Companies usually include these potential scenarios in their contracts for the clients to keep in mind. In cases like this, companies will use the process again, and all their clients will need to pay for the additional materials. Usually, companies focus more on residential market services, but because the industry is starting to grow in government and commercial markets, they are now accepting jobs in that market.

Most experts admit that they faced a learning curve when they are just starting the service. They had problems with hoses, clogs, what application rates to use, or determining the perfect mixture of materials from time to time. Effective lawn seeding services need to have an excellent application rate of slurry. It’s not unusual for operators with little to no experience when it comes to spraying hydroseeding mixtures to spray too little or too light.

Best time to seed

The best time to do the procedure for cool-season turf is usually early spring or fall. Experts believe that a lot of people choose fall because summer is ending. During these times, the soil is still warm during the day and cool at night. It is an ideal time to establish a cool-season grass.

But that does not keep companies from spraying later in the season and still get excellent results depending on the conditions. Firms spray right up till December or until the snow flies. Seeding during the spring season can still give good results, but the germination rate is slower since the soil temperature is cooler because winter has just ended. Springtime is also the peak of annual weeds and broadleaf.

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Home Improvement Ideas for Flooring

How do you find the right flooring when you have so much to choose from? And where do you go, and who to select for the job? Selecting the flooring is probably the easy part as you have many samples and types and materials to choose from, but how do you decide what is best, and at the best price? Your style and your budget will quickly separate the chaff from the wheat and determine what you can afford.
Determining the right flooring for the best price
• Think about the room or area where you’ll be installing the flooring. What does it look like, how much is it used, and what kind of traffic flow does it have? Maintenance and performance concerns should also be factored in. Is the room cold? Does it need carpeting or under-floor heating?
• Set a price range and evaluate the design and performance features of each option. Factor in the installation costs if you’re not planning to do this yourself. This is in addition to the square-foot cost of the new flooring itself.
• If you’re not doing this yourself, hire a reputable contractor. Ask for references, and speak to people who’ve used him before. If he can’t produce references, be warned. He is probably a fly-by-night laborer, and you won’t see him again.
• If he is a reputable contractor, don’t pay money up front. You will pay him at the end of the job, when the work has been done to your satisfaction.
• Explore other options. Modern, styling products like laminate and resilient vinyl flooring offer durable, affordable and easy-to-maintain surfaces that will hold up through years of wear. Flooring should blend in with the style of your home whether it’s Victorian, country, traditional, contemporary, or eclectic. Take into account the size of the room. For instance, tiny tiles will be too busy in a large room, while a large-scale design will overwhelm a smaller space. The latest advances in resilient and laminate flooring offer fashionable colors and textures combined with durability, comfort, function, easy maintenance and affordability.
• When choosing flooring, determine how it will stand up to factors like direct sunlight, water spills, furniture scrapes, tracked-in dirt, cleaning detergents, and foot traffic. Bear in mind that natural materials such as hardwood or ceramic tiles are more fragile than many other options. For instance, it makes sense to install laminate flooring in high-traffic areas even though you love hardwood.
• Keep in mind the work involved when installing different types of flooring; tile floors and hardwood being the most difficult to install and probably requiring a professional installer.
• Resilient laminate flooring can be easily installed. Because of its layered construction, these types of flooring will not expand or contract, but lie flat and stay flat by floating in place, eliminating the need for glue or nails – unlike traditional flooring. Flooring systems that don’t require glue also help the environment.
• Check out warranties for the different kind of flooring. Some products have a ten to fifteen year warranty, while others offer lifetime warranties; the choice is yours.