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Basement Renovations

General Contractors Tips – Carpeting a Basement

When you’re remodeling your basement, carpeting is often on your mind at least for part of it – especially if you’re building out a space that’s going to be used for family gathering and entertainment. Before you jump at the first carpet choice that looks good however, take the time to consider what you’ll really be using that space for. Likewise, talk with some general contractors about the best carpet choice for your design ideas.
Carpeting for a Playroom
Growing families with small children often require a lot of space for romping, fun, playtime and the mass amounts of toys. If you plan on remodeling your basement to turn it into a playroom then you should consider a quality, durable carpet that will stand the test of time.
A second option for a playroom is carpet tiles. Tiles offer easy installation and maintenance, and should the carpet need replacing you can just go after the problem tiles instead of tearing up the entire run of carpet in your basement or play area. While quality tiles are expensive, you’ll save on maintenance and replacement down the road. Buying some extra tiles ahead of time will ensure that you have them on hand if there’s an accident or damage later on – allowing for quick replacement.
Installing Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles are a great DIY project once general contractors have finished the rest of your basement. The first step is to ensure that you have a clean floor, free of debris, and level. Review the layout of your basement and find the center of the room or area. You can do this by pulling chalk lines from corner to corner. From here, locate the centers of the walls for the playroom in the basement. Connect the midpoints of all walls that face one another with chalk lines again.
After you have the chalk lines, you can start laying carpet tape over those lines as well as the room perimeter. Once your lines are in place you can begin laying carpet tiles, starting from the center of one wall and working your way to another. Depending on the size of the room or basement area and the layout, you may need to cut some tiles to fit snugly.
Carpeting a Game Room or Family Room
If you’ll be turning your basement into a game room or other gathering area then you can expect a lot of high traffic – more so than a kids play area. An indoor/outdoor carpet designed to withstand high traffic with shoes is a good idea here. If you prefer something that’s more comfortable then you may want to make the extra investment and go for a more plush but highly durable stainmaster carpet. The added plush is comfortable on feet, adds the right atmosphere to a family room and cozy’s up any basement.
There are a lot of carpet styles on the market, so choosing the right style and color for your basement will be difficult. If you’re stuck, run over your design ideas with a general contractor and get their input. Likewise, you can speak with friends and family to check their experience with carpet installation and carpet preference.

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Home Maintenance

Getting A Second Story Room Addition

When your family is starting to grow, the first thing that you would think is accommodating each member of the family in your home. That is providing each and everyone his or her owns place. There are things to consider though in house expansions. First is the area of your house, whether you expand out or expand up. If your house has a limited ground floor area, then consider the idea of getting a second story room addition. When you can’t expand out, and then just expand up. There are certain risks most especially in expanding up.
Below, we will give you a bird’s eye view on what to expect in this type of expansion and also what could be the advantages amidst the risk. In here you will find out if getting a second story room addition is all worth it.
A second story in your home can give you more privacy. In this part of the house you can situate your master’s bedroom and your children’s rooms. And as for the ground floor, it will house your living room, dining area, kitchen and entertainment area as well. You can max out your resources and not just getting a second story room addition but you can situate the other bedrooms while adding up one or two more rooms.
Why do you think it is practicable to do it this way? We have mentioned earlier about risks in adding up. Here’s the fact. In adding up, you need to open up the roof area of your house, so while doing so, and maximize the time element and the cost of opening up this area. You have to consider safety precautions in this manner because opening a certain part of your house temporarily would mean possibility of burglary.
Talk to your contractor regarding ensuring this safety. Another in getting a second story room addition or additions, the weather is of prime consideration. While making this expansion in your house, do it on a summer or when it is not a rainy or snow season. The construction should be done when weather cannot damage any fixture or appliance in the house with raindrops or the fall of snow.
Always seek professional help in materializing your ideas. These professionals will give you a better picture, a timetable and a cost effective project. You must also remember that before taking the plunge into getting a second story room addition or additions, would equate to incur cost in your budget. Although some would say that adding up is less costly than expanding out, but actually there is a small margin difference in these types of expansions. Be ready for it and you have to remind yourself over and over that the costs will be for your family’s long term comfort benefit.

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General Article

Bathroom Renovation – 7 Budget Wise Tips

Bathroom Renovation – 7 Budget Wise Tips

Bathroom renovation on a small budget can be challenging, and using the following tips can refresh and update your bath without a huge impact on a tight budget.

1. Fresh paint is always a consideration in any updating process, and bath renovation is no exception. The square footage that can be changed with a small investment is a dramatic beginning. Step out of your comfort zone a little and try a new color with a higher degree of intensity than is usual in your typical color choices.

Buy one of the small samples of paint offered at big box stores for a nominal fee in a lighter or darker shade than that for the body of the room to be used as accents on accessories

2. De-clutter your bath. Look at it as a stranger would. See what you can store out of sight without creating too much inconvenience to your daily grooming routine. Place small grooming items or cosmetics in containers or baskets to streamline your decor. Select containers that are decorative and colorful and harmonize with your bath.

Incorporate the clean look wherever you can in your bath renovation. This will give it a more contemporary feel, and add visual space.

3. Add additional storage. Empty space above the toilet is just wasted. Invest in a shelf unit or small wall cabinet to fill the space and hold bath supplies out of sight. Or get a spacesaver designed to sit on the floor and extend above your toilet. In a small bath a few extra dollars will be well spent on a cabinet with doors to hide clutter. For a little luxury select one with opaque glass which is very attractive, but still confines a multitude of clutter with less visibility.

Spacesavers are available in many attractive styles, and can be found in a range of wood tones as well as painted to suit individual preferences.

4. A new vanity faucet in a brushed or satin finish will give a fresh look to your whole vanity area and are easier to maintain daily than the old time standard high gloss.

5. Lighting should always be assessed when beginning a bathroom renovation. Good lighting is essential in a grooming area, and will brighten up your entire bath. A new style can add just the right touch to your decor.

6. The trend today is toward going green. This has more than one green benefit. It will save you green dollars in a renovation, and also be earth friendly.

Invest sweat equity instead of greenbacks. Revive a tired vanity cabinet with some prep and re-stain. Try a deeper tone. Re-purpose whatever you can. Rather than replace a good tub, update the surround or invest in new shower doors.

check around your home for accessories that are going unused and see if they might be a good fit in your bath.

7. Unless you are blessed with a large bath, remember that in small spaces less can be more. When replacing fixtures or cabinetry for a bathroom renovation project, select smaller items when necessary to leave adequate free space. Select accessories wisely. A few tasteful and well chosen items will be just right for creating a fresh and attractive space.

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Renovation Costs

Before You Hire a Home Renovation Contractor

If you are planning to hire a contractor for your home remodeling project, there are several things you will want to consider. You will want to make sure that the contractor is licensed. Do not be afraid to ask the contractor to show you his or her license. In fact, you may want to check to see if the license is current by going to one of the websites that provide this service. You can find this information for free by doing an online search for contractor licenses.
Another thing you will want to look for and check is references. Most contractors will be happy to provide you with references and pictures of jobs they have done in your area. You will want to insist on a contract, whether or not the contractor offers this upfront. You will want everything spelled out in the contract; exactly what is to be done, when the job will be completed, and how much it will cost.
Your contractor may ask you for money upfront. While this is customary, never pay for the full job at the outset. You want to be able to pay for the job in stages. You may be asked to put down a deposit or a percentage of the job’s total worth. Then it should be spelled out in the contract at which stage you will pay more and how much. In addition, inspect the job thoroughly before you finish paying the contractor.
By doing your research ahead of time and carefully planning your home renovation, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that other homeowners have experienced when they engage the services of a contractor. While most of them are above board and hardworking, unfortunately, there are those that will take advantage of you if you let them.

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General Article

Beautifying the Bathroom Without Overspending

Beautifying the Bathroom Without Overspending

Are you planning to renovate or to beautify your bath and shower area? Are you confused on how to redecorate your bathroom without spending much? To gain insights and tips on how to refurbish your bathroom cost-efficiently, read this article below.

Bathroom is an important area in every home because it is where we relax and where we re-energize after several hours of work at the office and at school. It is where we clean up, where we pamper ourselves and where we accessorize ourselves when we are attending some special occasions.

Despite its importance to our lives, it is one of the most neglected areas in our home because we usually prioritized our living room, kitchen and bathroom when it comes to refurbishments and renovations.

Remodeling or renovating a bathroom could be costly if you do not know how to deal with your budget. We can save money on bathroom remodeling if we plan accordingly and if we are watchful of our expenses. By simply setting limitations, you can refurbish your bathroom without splurging much.

Here are simple yet effective bathroom refurbishment techniques:

Consider your budget. Make a list of all the things that you need for renovating your bathroom. By establishing your budget, it would be easier for you to eliminate things which are out of your price range. Once you have prepared everything, the next step you make is to source these things and to make a comparison of their prices before you make your purchase. If you feel that your list exceeds your allocated budget, prioritize urgent remodeling fixtures. You can compare products and prices by driving in stores and surfing several online bath and shower retail sites. If you are really on a very tight budget and you feel that you cannot afford to splurge on bathroom redecoration, you content yourself with changing the interior paint of your bath and shower area. If possible allocate few dollars every payday to save money for future bathroom renovation. If possible buy the cheapest deal in town without sacrificing the quality of products. If possible, buy all your bathroom fixtures in one store to get discount. You can also buy items online to enjoy cheaper prices and to save on gasoline costs as well.

If you want to make your small bathroom bigger without tearing down the walls, use lighter shade of paint, install brighter lighting fixtures and add extra window to let in the natural rays of the sun.

Recycle things when necessary. You can reuse and recycle old bathroom cabinets stored in the garage by sanding and putting new varnish on it. Avoid throwing the things which you removed from the bathroom after refurbishment because you can use it again in your future bathroom renovation tasks.

If you cannot afford to buy new tiles for your bathroom, you can always use tile paint to freshen it up. Choose a shade that complements with the style and theme of your bathroom.

By following the tips and techniques mentioned beforehand, you can refurbish your bathroom at least cost.