5 Key Tips on How to Determine Bathroom Renovation Cost

Bathroom renovation is never an inexpensive undertaking. For that reason it is a good idea to calculate how much it will cost you before you start throwing out the existing one in order to determine whether you can actually afford it or if it is a better idea to wait a few months to collect enough money. It is impossible to calculate bathroom renovation cost to every cent because as with most home improvement projects, there is always a chance of unpleasant surprises which are impossible to predict before the renovation project. Nevertheless, you can determine bathroom renovation cost very accurately if you pay attention to the following 5 things and add another 10 to 15 percent to the sum for unforeseen expenses:

1. New bathroom fixtures. This is the easiest part of calculating the cost of your renovation project. All you need to do is to determine what you need and how much it will cost you. The overall price of new bathroom fixtures depends greatly on the size of your bathroom, fixtures you want to replace and your personal preferences when it comes to style, design and materials.

2. Scale of your renovation project. Obviously, the more complicated and extensive the renovation the higher the price. Relocation of the fixtures, adding in new ones, etc. dramatically increases bathroom renovation cost. So if you would like to stay within a set budget, you are highly recommended to think through your wishes very well.

3. Removal of the old bathroom. Removing old ceramic tiles, bathtub, toilet, etc. is hard labor but it will cost you a great deal of money if you hire someone to do it for you. You cannot ruin anything really if you remove the old bathroom yourself which is why it is worth to consider making it a DIY project, of course, if you have the time.

4. Installation of new bathroom. Theoretically, you can install your new bathroom yourself but it is a good idea to leave over the installation part to the professionals if you are not absolutely confident in your DIY skills. This will of course increase the costs of your project but then again, ruining your new bathroom would even be more expensive.

5. Special issues. Before installing a new bathroom, it is a good idea to deal with any special issues such as mold, a leak, electrical problems, etc. They will probably require professional help which will increase the cost of the renovation, however, installing a new bathroom without dealing with mold for instance will not solve anything. Even more, it will quickly ruin the appearance of your new bathroom, not to mention that it may even jeopardize your health.