Bathroom Renovation – Evaluate Your Possibilities Before You Begin

The first thing you need to do before starting a bathroom renovation project is to make a plan. You need to ask yourself what you want and need as well as what will fit best in your space. Keep in mind that the more time you spend evaluating your bathroom renovation needs the more likely you’ll get something that you really like.

Take the time to measure your room to get a grip on what you’ll need to do to make sure you have all the fundamental items in the space as well as the decorative ones. Decide what you like about the room and what you don’t. Try to incorporate some items from your bathroom decor that you like into your new design.

Decide if you like the size and make adjustments to it if you don’t. Take out a wall if you have the space to expand into another room. Be careful you don’t demolish a load bearing wall or you’ll be in big trouble. Make certain before you do any expansion plans that you have the budget to do it. A bathroom expansion will be quite a bit pricier than a simple bathroom renovation

Look into whether you could just rearrange the existing fixtures to gain extra space and save yourself a bunch of money. Research your buying decisions before you go forward with acquiring new items is a great way to avoid problems later on. Taking your time will insure you have a well laid out design and get a finished bathroom that looks pleasing and is functional at the same time. Planning the usage of your space can assure you that even if your bathroom is small it will be a work of art that everyone can enjoy. You should also realize that a bathroom that is too small will be so even after a bathroom renovation if you can’t figure out how to expand it.

I found that the use of corner fixtures and wall hangings work really well in small spaces. Try placing all your fixtures on the edge of the room to maximize the space. Even a medium sized bathroom could use a design that saves space though you can place bigger items in it without feeling crowded. A bathroom that is organized into zones makes for a neat and tidy room that utilizes the space better. The best thing possible, if you’re lucky enough is to have a large bathroom. Creating such a space in your bathroom renovation can open up the possibilities of having a room that has all the modern luxuries.

One of the biggest advantages of large bathrooms is the ability to add privacy into your bathroom renovation plans by creating a wall between your toilet and vanity. Don’t forget about storage, it’s one of the most important parts of a functional and well designed bathroom. Storage is something that most bathrooms don’t seem to have enough of. Try to make use of empty wall space to create more places to store things. You would be surprised at how easy you can add a cupboard into unused space that was previously ignored.