Bathroom Renovation Ideas – How Handy Are You?

When you start to consider all of the bathroom renovation ideas that you might have thought of over the years, at some point you may wonder if you should do it all yourself or get some professional help.

We’ll try to shed a little light on this subject and hopefully help you to make a sound decision. You might also be surprised at the options you have. So grab a pencil, take a few notes and let’s get started on planning this project.

Let’s start with a few simple questions and the first would be do you consider yourself very handy when it comes to projects, a little handy, or do you fall into the final category of “not a chance?” No worries at all no matter where you might rank since there are answers for all three.

If you do feel more than comfortable with projects around the house then you will most likely have no problems with these bathroom renovation ideas. You may have the skills to tackle some of the tougher projects like completing remodeling or rearranging the floor plan. You might even consider replacing the shower stall or perhaps going with an open shower that has no doors at all which is a very cool look in just the right space.

If you fall into the middle category you should still be able to do most of the basic ideas with few problems. Replacing the fixtures on the sink is one of the easiest of the tasks. Putting up a new mirror is also much easier than you might think. Replacing the floor could be an idea worth considering if you have someone with you who might be able to help.

Often times, removing the old flooring is harder than putting down the new. Linoleum which comes in a roll is a little harder to do simply because of the measuring and cutting and little room for error. The self stick tiles are very simple and mistakes are easy to correct.

And lastly if you are in the final category then consider calling a friend who has these skills and if that person doesn’t exist then it might be time to call in the pros.

There are many people out there who can do the work but choosing the right people is the most important of all. Make sure to ask friends first if they have had work done and are pleased with the results . . .