Bathroom Renovation Tips

Firstly having a renovation is exciting, but don’t let the excitement overcome the realities of having multiple workmen/ tradesmen and artisans working and invading in your personal space! Renovations can be a costly exercise, and very stressful making sure that everything runs like clockwork to meet your deadline and stay within budget…

Once you have a clear idea of what sort of bathroom renovation you are thinking of doing, you have to ask yourself, is this going to be worth it? Stress wise, cost and resale at the end of the day… If your answers are yes to these questions the battle is half won.

Before calling any tradesmen, grab some paper and make notes (examples below):

Sketch some ideas down on a piece of paper. (You don’t need to be a Van Gough, something simple and 2d)

What sort of finishes you are aiming to achieve

Think practically and about the future

Now time to get hold of the plumber (We offer free quotes)…

There are a few signs that give away what sort of work the plumber will be giving you at the end of the day. For example:

1) Is the plumber prompt and on time?

2) Does it sound like the plumber knows what he is talking about or is he speaking around the point?

3) How do they carry and present themselves?

4) Is their quote professionally presented?

5) How long did it take for the plumber to submit his quote?

6) Does the plumber have any contactable references who you can contact?

These are very important things to take note of when deciding which plumber to use for your bathroom renovation. I would rate the above questions out of ten and attach the ratings to their quote.

The quality of plumbing is not determined by the price of the quote, but by the plumber who is doing the plumbing! It is very important to try and judge what sort of service and quality of work you will be receiving from the plumber. Going with the cheapest quote could be dangerous especially if you have not rated them using the above guidelines. Try and stay clear of people claiming to do “everything”, find someone who specialises in one trade and that trade alone!