Bringing the Beauty of Glass Tiles Into Your Next Bathroom Renovation Project

Homeowners in the process of trying to find the right materials to use in decorating their bathrooms have a bewildering range to choose from – from stone and ceramic, metal and wood. It can be quite an experience mixing and matching with all the choices available for different parts of the bathroom – the floors, the shower stall, the countertop, the backsplash or the walls. There is one kind of material though that many kitchen and bathroom decorators fail to adequately exploit – and that is the attractive glass tile. The wonderful quality that tiles bring to a bathroom is that they absorb and reflect light, both natural and electric, in ways that are unpredictable and yet beautiful. Most people choose stone or polished granite of some kind for their countertops. While that does look pretty dignified, stone does make for a kind of formal look. Create a backsplash out of glass tiles, and you relieve some of that formal heaviness with a splash of light color that makes for quite a fun contrast.

Glass tiles aren’t that expensive. Of course, prices can vary depending on how you feel the need to have them customized. For a sheet that’s a square foot in size, you could spend anything between five dollars to three times that. For the home improvement enthusiast on a budget, they do sell them in smaller quantities. You can personalize or customize your selection any way you choose. If you could imagine covering the showering area of your bathroom in aqua-colored glass tiles, or if you could use them to accent the spaces between ceramic tiles that you are using, you could create a sparkly aquarium-like effect. With glass, the possibilities are limitless.

Glass tiles used to be difficult to install. These days, DIY types who are handy with a few crafting tools can easily use glass cutting tools and stick glass tiles on themselves. Once installed, glass tiles are practically maintenance-free. You just need to spray on Windex sometimes and you’ll have a sparkly clean surface in no time. Glass tiles don’t stick on forever though. The small mosaic pieces especially, do tend to come loose from time to time. Sticking them back home can sometimes be easy enough. If you could keep a few pieces of tile from your installation process, you would save yourself a lot of trouble for the future. You could just take a piece and stick it on whenever anything comes loose.