How to Plan Your Bathroom Renovation

You see it everyday. You can’t help but see it. It’s sitting there, pleading with you. Begging for a change. You know it deserves one, but where to begin? It’s been so long since you’ve changed so much as the wallpaper. As you keep reading, you’ll discover how to plan your bathroom renovation so that your budget, your sense of style, and your sanity all remain intact.

First and foremost, get out a pad and paper or fire up your computer so you don’t have to try and keep all the information in your head. Once you have a place to keep the record, you have to figure out what your budget is going to be. Whether you’re able to spend $3,000 or $30,000 will go a long way in determining the rest of the plan.

Next, you have to determine a time line. Again, budget will play a factor in this decision as well. Some things to consider when creating your time line are demo time, carpentry, plumbing, drywall, flooring,and fixtures. And be sure to add a little time on for those unforeseen little blips that always seem to come up.

You should also consider how many people will be using the bathroom on a regular basis. This will help you decide if you want two sinks, and stand up shower and tub, stand alone tub, etc. And remember to think about storage when planning, too. The issue of storage space comes up in just about every home, and if you are able to set aside a little space for it in your bathroom renovation plans, all the better.

Obviously, you’ll also want to take your own personal style into account when choosing fixtures and colors and designs. And there’s always the subject of whether to do it yourself, or hire someone else. Each of these options has its strong points. You’ll save money by doing it yourself, but will that fit into your timeline, and are you qualified to make the changes? And if you hire an outside contractor, be sure to ask for references and don’t be afraid to phone!

Whatever you choose, and however your bathroom renovation plan takes shape, once you’ve made your choice sit on it for at least a week before doing anything. New ideas always pop up, and old ones fall out of favor. The last thing you’d want is a bathroom you aren’t happy with because you wanted to rush in there and get it done fast.