Ideas for Installing Walk in Showers

There are plenty of ways to reinvent your walk in shower. In fact, you can look at many pictures on the Internet and be inspired by the different designs you see there. At the same time, you can use your own creativity to personalize your own shower. The following are some ideas you can use to create your own walk in shower.

Spa-like Bathroom Shower:

Spa bathroom showers are ideal for relaxation. Many people pay just to spend a couple of minutes in a spa. You can have it in your own home. These walk in showers are enclosed with clear glass. They are equipped with different body sprays and a limestone bench.

Most shower spas also have large windows that provide natural light to the bathroom. Among its common accessories include mounted baskets and wall niche. These can provide storage for different kinds of pampering products.

Small but Elegant Shower:

This kind of shower may be small but it can definitely hold up to its other counterparts. This kind of shower usually has three showerheads: a traditional showerhead, a handheld unit, and a rain showerhead. All three are placed within the compact space.

They also have a thermostatic valve that maintains the rain showerhead and handheld unit’s temperature. The best tile colors for this type of shower are blue and white. Both color palettes provide serenity that complements any color within the bathroom. To add elegance to the bathroom, you can add silver accents and white moldings.

Corner Shower:

This shower is characterized by clear glass door and frosted windows that are artistically set. This usually features a niche especially designed for toiletries, curtains for privacy, and a built-in bench.

This kind of designed is best for bathrooms with limited space. This shower is placed in the corner so that you can maximize what little space you have. The best tile color for this type of bathroom is cream. If matched with curtains, this bathroom can provide a calming environment similar to that of a spa.

The showers mentioned above are just some of the many designs and themes that you can have. The next time you visit a spa or a hotel, feel the ambiance and think about how you can recreate it in your own home.