Plumping Up Your Home’s “Cozy” Factor

When you have a large, close-knit family, you often want a home that is warm, welcoming, and cozy. In this article, you will learn a few tricks that will help you plump up the “cozy” factor in your home, creating spaces that your family (and friends) will find inviting and relaxing. Your home is where the family gathers to talk about the events of the day, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. Implement a few of the ideas below, and your home will be a place that you thoroughly enjoy coming to at the end of the day.

Say “welcome” with color

Color is one of the most essential elements in creating rooms that are relaxing, beautiful and inviting. To make your home cozy and warm, use 2 or 3 colors that are soothing to the senses. Sand, terra cotta, golden yellow and forest green or navy blue are colors from nature, and add warmth to any room so that it feels inviting and comforting. Obviously, the walls are the largest area of the room, so a lighter, neutral color will help balance artwork, rugs, upholstery and window treatments that are splashed with bold color.

Pay attention to the small details

In some decorating styles, clutter and small accents are what you seek to avoid. When decorating your home in a cozy family feeling, small accents are not to be ignored. Display knick knacks, family treasures, photos, and other meaningful items anywhere or everywhere to inject your family’s personality throughout the room.

Gathering spots and quiet corners

Every member of your family likely has different hobbies and interests. By incorporating spaces for these pastimes, your living area will look comfortable and “lived in.” For the avid reader, carve out a spot in a corner for a comfortable chair, ottoman and floor lamp. Another area may include the entertainment center with a couple of casual chairs where the game or music lovers can congregate to have a good time.

It’s also important to create an intimate area designed for conversation for times when friends or neighbors visit. This can be done simply by arranging your sofa and chairs along with a coffee table around a large area rug, ensuring that all sitting areas are close together.

Keepsakes are another important element in decorating your home with family-oriented appeal. Create a large wall display with shelves focusing on your family members. Include snap shots, souvenirs collected from past vacations, and those crafts that the kids made as they were growing up along with any other items that have special meaning to you.

Use the tips above to create a family or living room that is special to your entire family – and super cozy. A home is meant to be lived in; this is where you unwind after a long day at work, where you enjoy conversation and activities with your family members. Not only will you create a room your children remember for a lifetime, your visitors will enjoy the beauty and ambient atmosphere as well.