Post-Holiday Cleanup: 3 Great Ways on How to Get Rid of Christmas Home Decor

Just a couple of months ago, you were so busy shopping for Christmas decorations to place in your home. You might have felt so exhausted after having to put them up. Now that the season is over, it’s time for the messy and excruciatingly tedious task of removing them and cleaning the rest of the holiday mess. However, you do not have to chuck them right into the garbage bin. Let me teach you how to make the most of your used holiday d?�cor.

First, put into storage and reuse later this year.

Of course, this is the first thing that our common sense will dictate. After all, holiday decoration styles seldom change and if they actually do, they do not really change a lot. Thus, it is a good idea to store these decorations in a convenient or far-flung place, so that you can reuse them in the future.

Most holiday decorations are made of durable material like plastic and fibreglass, so you will not have to worry about decomposition issues. However, take note that some of them may feature some intricate work (like those cute angels), which serve as the prime attractor of dust and other particulate matter. Wrap these decorations using old newspapers so that they will stay looking new.

Second, put into storage and sell next year.

Well, if you are the kind who does not like using a set of holiday decorations more than once in your life, it still does not just justify throwing them away. Instead, keep them safely tucked in your storage cabinets and put them on a yard sale come October or November. Of course, selling them right now is unlikely to do you any good, but selling them later on can get you extra cash to purchase better-looking decorations next time.

Do not forget to perform the same precautionary measures that I suggested in the first bullet. Used stuff that looks new does not only sell at a higher price, but are also more likely to sell in the first place. Holiday d?�cor that looks too old and worn-out will be nothing but an eyesore not only for you but also for other people that will see it.

Third, put into storage and give them away next year.

Okay, so you don’t like using stuff again and you’re not the business-minded kind of person. Nevertheless, you still must not throw it all away. Instead, keep them in storage and them give them away to less fortunate families next Christmas, so that they can save money for home d?�cor, which they can use for more important expenses like food and clothing.

Remember that Christmas is all about giving, and the same thing applies even when it’s already over.