Time To Look For Christmas Gifts 2010 – Whimsical, Wall, Or Desk Clocks

Everyone needs to know the time. There is no escaping how our lives revolve around knowing what time it is. At one time clocks all looked the same with two hands, numbers, and a face. Now the selection of different types of clocks is staggering and each can have their own function besides telling you what time it is. When deciding on Christmas gifts 2010 it may just be a clock that will be the answer.

You can have a clock that a cuckoo bird pops out of on the hour, a grandfather clock in the corner of your living room, or a clock shaped like Elvis’ guitar. Each will tell you what time it is and add a little character to your decor. Here are five suggestions for some modern clocks for all ages.

Weather station wall clock. This clock will be an all-in-one weather station telling the outside temperature and humidity in addition to the time of day. There’s no need to wait for the local weather on the television to know what it’s like outside.

Soothing sounds alarm clock. Built to wake the person with the peaceful sounds of nature rather than the blare of a buzzing alarm, this clock will awaken anybody in a much more pleasant state of mind than the normal alarm clock.

Photo collage wall clock. With access to digital cameras, there is no lack of photos of loved ones that should be showcased somewhere in the home. It is an instant work of art for the whole family to enjoy. Photos circle the clock dial to have that extra personal touch in home decor.

Contemporary desk clock. Not every desk has a computer on it with the time up in the top right corner. In fact, some desks are strictly for meeting with clients or reviewing paperwork and never even have a laptop on them. It’s handy to be able to glance inconspicuously at a clock off to the side while listening to the person across the desk.

Hot Wheels clock radio. What little boy would not love a clock radio in his room that was shaped like a Hot Wheels car? He can adjust the stations and volume by turning the wheels. The alarm can be set to play custom car sounds or a favorite radio station with a built in snooze for extra tired boys who don’t want to get up with the first alarm.

Clocks can be functional as well as stylish. No matter whether your Christmas gifts 2010 are for the older individual or the younger crowd there are ideas for everyone. It’s just a matter of finding the right clock to match the person.