Any modern homeowner who has a superb deck knows that it is much more cozy and appealing when it is immaculately clean. However, constant changes in temperature, everyday use and the presence of numerous environmental toxins will someday take their toll on its luster and beauty, ultimately leading to unsightly blemishing and even rapid wood deterioration. Sounds quite frightening, right?
No need to worry just yet. Here are a few useful cleaning tips and advice that will not just help preserve the exquisiteness of your precious home addition but extend the life and integrity of the wood as well. Apart from making deck maintenance a breeze, you’ll definitely on your way to take your remodeling know-how to an even higher level in a jiffy:
Clear the deck of everything
In order to clean your deck thoroughly, you have to meticulously remove everything on it first – or else you’ll be perennially disrupted by wayward objects that always get in your way in the process. Make sure you start with smaller and lighter items like potted plants, deck chairs and shades before getting to the big stuff so you won’t have to worry about forgetting or overlooking anything. Cover delicate flora around your deck, too, to prevent damage.
Get rid of any visible debris
Start off by gathering larger bits of debris by hand, taking care of the more minuscule ones with a stiff-bristled broom. Make sure you remove wedged fragments of dirt, leaves and pebbles caught between your decking boards so water can easily run through the cracks and corners (similarly, this also prevents premature wood deterioration in the long run). Carefully work the more stubborn pieces of debris loose with a putty knife or a screwdriver.
Give your deck a spa treatment
Use a garden hose with a spraying attachment to douse the whole deck area with water. Thoroughly apply a liberal amount of laundry detergent or commercial deck cleaner until all sections are finished. Add a bit of bleach on areas with mildew and algae growth. Remember to scrub harder in places where dirt has gathered the most or chances are you might have to do another round of scouring sooner or later. Completely rinse your deck.
Reseal your deck for added protection
Wait until your deck has completely dried – usually after two to three days – before resealing it. Go for versatile brands that contain an active mildewcide as well as a waterproofing agent to make your deck as tough as possible the whole year round. Keep in mind to check your deck for debris such as minute flecks of dirt and dust that may have gathered while it was drying before applying the resealer for maximum effectiveness.
Replace deck furniture and accessories
As soon as the resealer fully dries, replace the furniture onto the deck along with other items like mirrors, parasols, assorted works of art and other attractions that you wish to put there to boost its engaging ambiance. To make it even more exciting, try mixing everything up from furniture arrangement to color themes to make your deck look like new again. Finally, as a reward for a great job, get yourself a cold one and have a great time!