Bathroom Renovation – Tile Floors

Renovating isn’t an easy task; no matter if you do it yourself or hire professionals to deal with it. High-traffic rooms need renovation from time to time as they are intensely used. If you do it properly and with the best materials, you won’t have any troubles for a very long time. Many homeowners have realized that remodeling means more than it used to. They now focus on substantial makeovers that are versatile and durable. Their investment is meant to increase the value of their home and offer their families peace and comfort for a long period.

If you think your kitchen doesn’t need any changes, you may want to do something about your bathroom. It is another hub in your home and needs to be properly equipped. If there are no tiles in your bathroom, it’s time to consider this option. In recent years, people have begun to like natural stones and now use them in as many places as possible. It’s the case in bathrooms where the stone is suitable not only for the floor, but also for the walls, sinks or tubs.

Nowadays, travertine is one of the most popular materials for bathrooms. It is a wonderful natural stone that comes in various colors and patterns. In the past it was used solely for gardens and terraces, but it is now a popular choice for indoor areas. The durability and ease of maintenance of travertine beats many other tile materials.

There are people who are still reluctant to buying travertine because of its porous surface. This aspect shouldn’t worry you. If you seal travertine tiles with a good sealant, water won’t get into them. It’s important to do this when you first install the tiles in your bathroom. Also, the small imperfections they may have can be fixed with grout. The beauty of travertine will truly transform your bathroom; any other small job that you may need to do in order to maintain the tiles shouldn’t be considered difficult tasks.

Experts say one should choose hone-finished or tumble-finished travertine tiles for bathrooms. They not only soften the overall appearance but can withstand spills like makeup and other beauty products. Travertine is very easy to clean and hardly shows water spots or soap scum. All you need to do is wipe it with soapy water and avoid using abrasive chemicals. Don’t forget to seal the tiles yearly and you’ll thus prolong their life. Travertine stone adds a unique touch to any home and this is why more and more homeowners find it extremely appealing.