Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating A Bathroom

1. Poor Ventilation.

This creates mould and mildew on ceilings and walls. Not only is it unsightly but it is also a health risk. Allow for a good-sized open- able window in your bathroom and good air movement in the shower particularly.

Install an exhaust fan.

Tip: Paint bathroom ceilings with oil based semi gloss paint so that they clean easily and don’t harbor mould and mildew as easily.

2. Inadequate Storage.

Bathrooms need a good amount of storage for the cosmetics, skincare, appliances and consumables.

Vanities should have drawers rather than doors making it easier to access the contents. Make sure the drawers are deep enough to accommodate appliances such as hair driers.

Include tiled recesses in the shower for a streamlined look that is space efficient.

Mirror doored shaving cabinets have good capacity, are wall mounted so are appropriate for medications. Shaving cabinets look best when recessed in the wall.

Tip: Avoid having shaving cabinets custom made, they cost significantly more than off -the-shelf cabinets and the difference is negligible,

3. Poor Lighting

There is nothing worse than trying to put makeup on in poor light. Don’t just have overhead lighting, as it tends to cast shadows, add some cabinet lighting or make up lights.

Tip: Consider installing a wall mounted, illuminated magnifying personal mirror (The type that extends off the wall)

4. Inappropriate Materials;

All materials used in the bathroom should be impervious to water, if not they will deteriorate and go mouldy very quickly. This means avoid raw timber, wallpaper and fabric.

Tip: Bathroom mirrors should be fixed with non-acidic silicone to prevent deterioration over time.

5. Trendy, Impractical Sanitary Ware

You know the ones I mean, the basins that are flatter than a roof tile and hold less water. The problem with some ( not all) of these items is they often don’t perform their function adequately so you end up with a bathroom that looks good but doesn’t work. They can also date too quickly.

Tip: When selecting your new bath, make sure you actually sit in it and check for comfort and ease of getting in and out.

6. Installing A Toilet Where It Is Directly Visible From The Door.

This is just plain common sense. Place the toilet discretely so it is not a focal point of the bathroom.

7. Full Gloss Or Matt Floor Tiles.

Gloss tiles are slippery when wet and mat tiles are hard to clean. A low sheen tile will look good and wont hold onto soap scum as much.

Tip: There is a new tile finish available called Lapato, which has an irregular, gloss and looks great.

8. Lack of Bench Space

Often the basin occupies most of the bathroom bench /vanity leaving no room to put things such as tooth brushes, shaving things and cosmetics when in use. Make you’re your new bathroom design bench top has enough space to accommodate the basin and a work area for personal grooming.