Common Bathroom Renovation Mistakes

Common bathroom renovation mistakes can be avoided if:

You pen down the exact changes needed in your bathroom.

List the precise cost associated with each task.

Classify the costs on the basis of materials required.

Work closely with the contractor so that everything is done on time.

Common errors include…

Inaccessible Plumbing: Hard to reach plumbing is the last thing that you’d want to be surprised with! During your renovation, if you notice substandard plumbing, then you might have to rip apart the tiles or the flooring to reach a solution in future.

Embarrassing Doors: It definitely wouldn’t be a pleasant sight to open the door of your newly renovated bathroom only to find it banging into the shower wall. Make sure you check the door’s fitting beforehand to avoid this bathroom renovation blunder.

Insufficient Toilet Leg-Room: Your old toilet was fit to be dumped. The sparkling new one sits there all chic and fancy. However, after one trip you find out that there is no space! Avoid this blunder with a floor diagram.

Humidity and Molds: A manual or an automatic exhaust-fan is a must-have to get rid of all the moisture and odor.

Lack of Storage: That’s exactly how your towels, napkins, shower gels, face washes, shampoos, soaps, razors, shaving cream, perfumes and gazillion other toiletries are going to be, if you do not plan for smart storage options in your bathroom.

Being Too Cheap: Saving money wisely is commendable. However, going for the cheapest available options every time would mean compromising on quality more often than not.

Ask a lot of questions and interview at least 3 contractors before selecting one for the job. Make sure you get all the job specifications, associated costs and expected time-frame for completion written down, and signed with mutual consent to avoid any ambiguities in the future. You also want to see whether the contractor is going to do the work by themselves or whether they are going to outsource labor to less skilled renovators.

Making a foolproof plan beforehand will save you from most of the common bathroom renovation mistakes. Designing and planning for procuring materials well-in-advance will save you time and unnecessary costs in your bathroom remodeling project. Also, entrust the job of your bathroom renovation to a smart contractor if you are even slightly unsure about DIY kits and projects. You will end up losing more money than paying the contractor.