Creative & Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

The bathroom is one of the best places in the house to hang out in, especially if you are a child with a great imagination or if you are an overly stressed parent who likes to relax in the bathtub for a while. If you have teenage daughters, you know that the bathroom is their favorite place to be, besides their own room, and it usually takes a bribe or a threat to get them out of there so someone else can use it.

Regardless of who is in your bathroom, you will want to keep it updated and remodeling can do that. After all, why not take the best care of the best place in the house?

For starters, the choice of a new color can really do wonders to update the bathroom. If your house was built in the 1960’s or 1970’s and has not been updated since then, the color scheme in your bathroom probably reflects that era, which may or may not suit you. So, before heading out to the hardware store, decide on what colors you want in the bathroom and who will be using the bathroom.

You would not want to decorate it in a Tinkerbell theme if you had boys using the bathroom and it would not be suitable to have a car theme in a girl’s bathroom. However, choosing a color that all members of the family likes may prove difficult as well, so find a base color, like blue. Then, use shades of green that the boys like, to accent the blue, by possibly “splashing” it on the wall with the paint brush. When that is dried completely, use the girl’s favorite shade of purple to “sponge” lightly over the blue and green in the middle of the wall and on the top of the wall.

That way, the “sponge” affect looks like wallpaper border, but there is no glue that has to be used for this technique. Then, all the kids can be happy because they have their own shade in their own bathroom. Towels and accessories that are used in this bathroom could be matched to either the boys’ color or the girl’s color, depending upon whose accessory it is, which will help keep the kids organized as well.

If the parents of the children above decide they would like to redo their bathroom, but want more than just a splash of paint, then the use of mirrors on walls and a skylight could really open up the bathroom and make it seem more airy and light. The mirror could even be personalized by a professional to either have a picture of the mother’s favorite flower etched into it, or all the children’s names, or even a family portrait.

As that can become expensive quickly, there are mirrors at the local department or home improvement store that one can use, which are just as decorative and could add to the personality of the room. Good lighting is also a key factor in the bathroom, but that is a decision that needs to match the decoration of the room itself.