If she is worried about foundation damage, it is recommended that she gets a hold of a foundation repair contractor. He will thoroughly inspect her concrete slab, beam foundation, and pier. When he arrives, he will be able to locate the source of her problem and stop the foundation from getting worse. Her contractor may recommend that a structural engineer be signed up to look over her foundation issues to make a report in case anything else is discovered.

When she realizes that a foundation crack might show a serious structural problem can be caused by several reasons.

First, any noticeable crack is a surface issue. If she sees a crack that looks smaller, then they can be cracks that are seasonal. The signs associated with foundation damage usually occur in a cycle, with more than one at a time over a short period. When the foundation moves, it causes many parts of the foundation to shift.

Concrete slabs and beam bases can develop problems for a building that will need foundation repair. Since a decline in foundation ages, it can be caused by a variety of things including weather, plumbing leaks, a compress in soil, and deficient foundation drainage.

She should look at any uneven or sagging floors. If she sees that her floors appear to be dipping or sagging, those signs show a bad foundation.

Foundation problems affect beam and pier foundations. Floors can do the same thing. Slabs that are concrete are usually uneven ninety percent of the time.

When she sees any counters and cabinets separating from the wall, that looks to be tilting, and pulling away from the wall is a huge sign. If she is alert of seeing this, her foundation damage is high. When walls are not leveled, cabinets and lots of other things in her home cease to be leveled at the same time. Nothing should ever look lopsided or uneven.

HD Foundations Inc. will be happy to answer her call when something needs to be fixed. They can aid her to walk through the details of the problem and how to solve it.

Gaps around exterior doors are a clear sign. When she discovers that doors begin to stick or will not open and close correctly, there is a problem. When interior doors are shaken, they will start to drag or stick at the top. Exterior doors with foundation problems can drag at the threshold or hang down at the top and appear uneven.

Buildings that are built with double doors often do not align properly, which makes them hard to close. Door frames may become bent from working as it should. She will at once understand that it will be no joy to fix herself. A visual inspection of her building is mandatory.

If she smells an unusual odor coming from soil near a house, is a warning sign of a foundation mishap.

If she notices cracks in and around a building, it can be a sign of settling around her entire foundation. When foundation damage has occurred, it can rapidly get worse. This is nothing that can wait, so she will need to get a hold of a qualified contractor at once.

Cracks on a foundation can be serious, but it depends on its size and how many are visible. The older the building becomes; the more likelihood cracks will appear.

HD Foundations Inc. is friendly and efficient. They will go beyond the extra mile to fix what she needs before the time is up without any hassle.