How Much Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

Time changes everything, and that includes your tastes. You may love the same old house because it feels comfortable, but usually the same thing cannot be said for your bathroom and you may feel that it is time to renovate it. With the economic downturn looming over your head, you probably feel that you will have to dig deep into your pockets, but that is not necessarily true. You still can remodel your bathroom without feeling a pinch, especially after looking at the return on your investment.

The good thing with remodeling your own bathroom is that everything will be customized to your taste. You might want to start small, say a showerhead for starters, or a stereo system, a T.V set or brightly colored bathroom tiles to match your taste. This is a good way to give your bathroom a bit of a facelift at a low cost. You may feel that you want to do things on a larger scale in which case the sky is the limit. This may include, resizing your bathroom by demolishing the bathroom walls, upgrading your plumbing by giving your entire pipework a makeover. The good thing with remodeling your own bathroom is that you are your own boss and breaking the rules is the name of the game. This article will help you determine the cost of remodeling your bathroom.

For those who would like to increase natural lighting in the bathroom you can do so by changing your curtains so a lighter and sheer material. Depending on the type of glass that is in the window, changing it to a different type may allow for more light to enter. The most expensive yet effective option is to enlarge your windows. By adding decorative wood beams near the ceiling you may create the illusion of more space. This is also true for huge mirrors which have the effect of opening up your bathroom. In order to bring out a romantic feeling in your bathroom you may consider adding colored beads and cheap faux pearl necklaces on antique bowls or shaving mugs. Colored staining on your accessories also can be used in giving your bathroom a makeover. For instance, by using colored staining on the wood cabinets, such as light colored stain for the background and brighter, bolder stains for the drawers. Accent lighting can also be done around a beautiful painting to make it more conspicuous.

Remodeling does not have to be a cash intensive endeavor, sometimes the secret to a good remodeling is in doing things differently. For instance, by rearranging your soaps, bath salts and pretty toiletries you may give your bathroom a new look and feel. By neatly arranging the potted flowering plants in unusual vases on window boxes your bathroom looks new and different.

Before you begin on your remodeling it is always advisable to plot a rough draft on a realistic scale on a piece of paper. This helps one to estimate whether all the desired add-ons can actually fit given the present dimensions of the bathroom. In addition, plotting out changes helps you to eliminate the unrealistic whims from the feasible additions. This process will help you determine which elements of remodeling you should pursue and which you should not.