Five Expert Tips for Small Bathroom Design

Granted, it is easier to renovate a large bathroom, but there are still activities that you can undertake to renovate a bathroom even if space constraints are an issue. So keep reading on and find out how you can turn your small bathroom into a design masterpiece.

Floor Tiles:

Large tiles can make the already small bathroom feel even more claustrophobic. To overcome this, you need to make use of smaller tiles. This creates the illusion of space while still maintaining the fundamental purpose or reason of using tiles.


Bright colors create the illusion of space, therefore use light colors in a small bathroom. Also use lighter colour on the ceilings to enhance the illusion even more. This will not necessarily require the purchase of a new paint color as you can simply save some of the left over wall paint and add some white paint to make it lighter. This lighter version can then be used on the ceiling. You can also take this effect even further by ensuing that you have light coloured towels and floor mats.

Tub/ Shower:

Bath tubs, though very luxurious take up valuable space and may not be ideal for small spaces, think about replacing the bathtub with a shower placed strategically, in the corner perhaps. Be sure to also use a transparent shower curtain or partitioning material. This serves its functional purpose while ensuring that the area is not cut off visually thereby again creating the illusion of space.


Conventional doors take up way too much space and require a pretty substantial area to allow for the swing. They also may require one to open and close the door in order to maneuver around the bathroom. Consider using sliding or pocket doors instead. These eliminate the hassle of the swing area while still partitioning the bathroom thereby locking in humidity. Ensure that the sliding doors selected slide open and close easily and without creating excessive acoustic disturbance.

Pedestal Sink:

These are a great way to conserve space in a small bathroom setup, the slender mounting leaves space underneath for shelves, a dustbin or any other sort of item that you may require. Their visual design also provides the illusion of space due to the fact that they are tall and slender. In order to save money one may try to acquire from a used fixture store. You can also make your own using unique materials thus giving it that all important personal touch.

As has been clearly shown, a small bathroom is no excuse to avoid renovation. There are endless possibilities to be explored and you are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to combinations required to renovate your small bathroom.