How to Plan a New Shower Build Project

Starting a new shower build project can be a daunting task. It can require a series of technical skills. Plumbing, Electrical and Carpentry as well as Tiling come to mind. You must first have a good sense of the space in which you are going to build. Measure carefully and write things down, be sure to take into account the height, width and length of any existing fixtures.

Make a written plan of your new building project, create a detailed plan or drawing including all relevant measurements. Prepare your site carefully by removing all unwanted items and thoroughly cleaning the area. Take the time to collect all necessary tools and equipment and keep them located conveniently to your working area. Be sure to remove all trash and excess parts or packaging as you progress to prevent loss and possible accidents.

Some tools you may require include: pliers, a drill, tube cutters, a propane torch, and rags. Other materials you may find useful include pipe tape, flux, pipe and fittings and a helper for that extra pair of hands we all need! Some may find it useful to hire professionals to do all or just parts of the build.

Doing some research to learn about the processes involved in building a shower will help you decide the best approach for your particular project, and to decide which shower unit and fixtures will best fit your plan. When you purchase your fixtures it is a good idea to save and read all the installation instructions and be sure to inventory the parts before you start.

In many areas you will be required to present your idea and purchase building permits prior to starting your project, do some research and find out what your area requires. As with all plumbing projects you should be sure the water is shut off before you begin. If you are unsure about any part of the project consult a professional, while some will offer to fix the whole thing for you and finish the job, there are some who will offer advice and charge a minimal fee to assist in your project.