Master Bath Renovation

When you are planning a bathroom renovation, there are many points to consider. The master bath is one of the most important rooms in your house. Before you begin your remodeling and renovation project consider what you most want in your new master bath.

There are several areas to think about such as your ideal bathroom, the aesthetics, what you absolutely must have and your wish list. The amount of money you are able to spend is another factor in achieving your dream master bath. Give yourself time to research different magazines, websites and showrooms to get an idea of what you like and what you do not like. There are excellent interior design magazines that will help you narrow down your tastes.

If you choose to hire an interior designer interview several and choose one whose work you love. One caution when hiring a designer is not to be limited with a designer (or contractor) who insist on using only their suppliers. Keep your options open in case you find a cabinet company you like. Next hire a licensed contractor that has the experience and know how to get your job done.

In renovating your bathroom choose a style that you love but keep in mind current trends. You want your bathroom remodel project to be up to date. Just as clothes have fashion lifespan so does a home remodel and renovation project. However any good renovation project done with fine taste and high quality will last a life time. You may change the color scheme years down the road but a high quality remodel with always be in style.

If you are at a loss for where to begin a good designer will help. Choosing your tub and shower fixtures will tie into your lighting. For flooring and walls, you may use marble or stone tiles. Heated floors are a plus in any bathroom as is an installed steam unit in the shower.

Sticking to your budget can be tricky while you design your bathroom as you may find more expensive stone tiles, fixtures and features as your remodeling project develops. Therefore spending the time planning and designing your bathroom is a critical feature in your budgetary plan. Your contractor will give you an estimate for your bathroom and a good contractor will also point out what you or your designer may want to take into consideration to avoid any budgetary surprises down the remodeling road.

In considering a design a layout for your bathroom you will want to have your wish list, such as vanity size, shower size, potty room, bathtub, walk in closets, in mind. You may have to extend into another room to create the space you need to have the design you want. A fun way to be creative and get inspired ideas is to make cut outs of your shower, vanity, tub, etc and arrange and rearrange on a piece of paper drawn to scale. Be sure you are giving enough space to walk and move around so you will not be cramped.

Designing your dream master bath is an exciting and rewarding task. Bathroom renovations when done with planning and care create lasting joy and pleasure for years to come.