Photo Montage Items For the Home

The Photo Montage

A photo montage is traditionally a rectangular design that incorporates anywhere from four to several dozen photos. By first choosing the item you want to personalize and then determining the size of that item it is possible to determine the ideal number of photos that can be included in its design. However, other factors including the style of photo montage that you will use also plays a factor in determining how many pictures you should use.

Designing The Montage Yourself

Many people enjoy designing the photo montage themselves. Not only is this a tactile and enjoyable experience but it adds even more personalization and can be accompanied by a great sense of achievement once the item is completed and being used in the home. Items like canvas prints can be used to really show off your artistic side while items like cushions and blankets not only show off your design skills but they also look and feel great when using in the home.

A Professionally Designed Montage

A convenient alternative to doing it yourself is to have somebody do it for you. A professional can work with the photos that you provide and your design specification in order to create a beautiful photo montage that is still personal to you because it uses the photos that you chose and is based on your design ideas. The montage can be designed quickly and you should always be emailed a proof for you to approve or request changes to before it is printed.

Blanket Montages

Blanket montages can be made using a large number of photos or they can give you the ideal opportunity to print all of the photos that you use in the montage in very large dimensions. Blankets come in three different sizes and they can be used on the bed, as a lap blanket, or even as a travel blanket. The standard design offers the montage on the front but for a little extra you can have it or another photo printed on the back too.

Cushion Montages

The cushion is another item that allows for the printing of your photo montage on the front of the item. By using the back to create another design you can include a single favorite photo or you can even add text or other items to really make it personal and get the look you want no matter which way the cushion faces.

Other Photo Montage Bedding

Cushions and blankets are multi purpose because they can be used in a variety of settings including the bedroom. Other items of bedding that can be personalized to include a photo montage are duvet covers, quilts, and pillow cases. You can personalize the bedding in your own room, the spare room, or the room of a gift recipient.