Renovating Your Bathroom Into Your Relaxing Sanctuary

Bathrooms form an essential part of every home as they fulfill very basic human needs. Every home has at least one bathroom, the number increasing with the size of the house. Initially bathrooms were made with just the basic sink and lavatory and a bathing area that was sometimes separate. The process of modernization and the wave of consumerism has transformed bathrooms as well into glamorous places with coordinated colors, matching fittings, fancy frills and accessories. Bathrooms now have sink and toilet sets of the same color, glass shower enclosures or bathtubs, shower curtains and matching soap dispensers, stands and cabinets. One comes across all blue bathrooms and all pink bathrooms, so much so that the towels and mats are matched to the shade of the bathroom.

Renovating the bathroom then, is not as simple, since everything would have to be changed to coordinate the colors. The job could be very basic like replacing a cracked sink or bathtub, or it could involve the whole bathroom including changing the floor and all the fittings. Plenty of ideas about new designs for bathrooms can be found in magazines on interiors or on websites advertising for their products. Websites that provide online assistance in terms of taking the contract of renovations also give complete layouts and plans about how they will renovate the bathroom along with the approximate cost. Many people in Singapore use this facility and are amazed to find how bathrooms can be transformed in their apartments.

A cheaper set of renovations would include painting the walls, not changing the flooring and tub, using wood paint on cabinets, de-clutter, install mirrors to give the semblance of space and add plants and flowers to make it elegant. This type of renovation may be the cheapest option and not at all time consuming.

However, many people want to upgrade while renovating their bathrooms. This becomes an expensive proposition, as upgrading means using the latest fixtures available and the top quality ones are always high-priced. Changes could include replacing a block sink with one having a pedestal as it is space saving and looks sleek. Flooring in soft colors, elegant mirrors, and fancy light list could be endless if the budget permits.