Scented Candles in Home Decor

When I went through the car wash and the attendant asked me what scent I wanted to be sprayed into my clean car, I was always a bit shy about choosing one. Did I want a “new car” smell, or lemon, or mint? My confusion was in not knowing my own preference – and that, of course, is the #1 rule of choosing the right scented candles for home decorating.

Although there are generally accepted associations with particular aromas, the greatest association is your own. The sense of smell is one of the strongest links to memory. A fragrance that may bring pleasant memories to one person may remind another person of some bad experience. That’s why selecting a scented candle for someone else can be a little tricky!

Major hotel chains and airline companies have learned the importance of fragrance and have incorporated their own designer scents into their lobbies and common areas. They know the importance of associating good experiences with the memory of their brand. Realtors have long known that baking cookies during an open house makes the house feel more like “home”.

Interior decorators have even found that the perceived size of a room can be expanded with floral and fresh fragrances that emit the smells of the out-of-doors and springtime. A room can be made to feel warm and cozy with certain food and spice aromas.

Here is my list of general associations:

Autumn – cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, cranberry, and ginger – evoking the memories of Thanksgiving

Winter – evergreen, pine, spiced cider, peppermint, baked apple, and orange – remembering Christmas

Spring – chocolate, floral, fresh linen, berries, and citrus – Valentine’s Day and Spring Fever

Summer – melons, tropical fruits, peaches, pears, cherries, flowers, and cappuccino – Vacation Dreams

Anytime – lavender for relaxation and happiness, vanilla for lessening of desire for sweets, peppermint for an energy boost and headache relief, and baked goods and coffee because they always smell great!

I have found that my favorite aromas are food related, so I like vanilla, chocolate, coffee, pumpkin pie, pink grapefruit, lime, and lemon meringue. My dish washing detergent and car wash options are easy for me now and I have scented candles with my favorite fragrances around me at home.

When you find your personal fragrance preferences you can indulge in your favorite memories with the help of quality scented candles. One warning: You can over-saturate your senses to the point of no longer being able to smell a particular fragrance. Change it up a bit and you’ll make the most of your candle choices.