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8 Reasons to Finish Your Basement – Home Remodeling

Why should I finish my basement? It is a lot of stress to do it, and right now it looks so dark and dreary I really don’t see it being that nice of a place. I can give you a few reasons.
1) With the economy the way it is you will really get some bang for your buck. A Basement Finish Contractor is now charging around 20% less than they did in the past.
2) There is less waiting time. It used to be that you had to wait until you contractor had an opening, but with the economy the way it is you can now expect contractors to bend to your time line.
3) As a way to make up for the recession large stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s now offer volume discounts that could potentially save you thousands.
4) There is plenty of manpower available. The construction industry has really slowed to a halt the last couple of years, so there are tons of highly skilled workers waiting to do your job.
5) Loans have never been easier to obtain.
6) It is still cheaper to finish a basement than it is to build a new home.
7) Expanding your space can increase your equity in the home. It is estimated that for every $1,000 you spend on your basement you will be building $1,500 in equity.
8) You can now enjoy different kinds of living space. Some people build playrooms, workout areas, entertainment rooms, the use of the space is only limited by your imagination. If you need a Good Denver Remodeling Contractor look me up.

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Thinking of Finishing Your Basement? Find Important Tips Here

Basement finishing is a thought which crosses every home owner’s mind every once in a while. This idea seems interesting at first because after all, it is your basement, but many people refrain from doing anything about it for a number of reasons. One reason is the cost and being afraid of the cost might prove to be a costly mistake. If you consider your house to have a proper basement, you can easily visualize converting storage or furnace room into proper living, study or even bedrooms. Whereas you might be reluctant to remove all the storage areas from your basement, you can strike a balance between both the storage and functional necessities and spacious living.
Having extra space and bedrooms in your house significantly multiply the property value. With high values you can have high returns when you sell the house. Before you start with working on the basement, you need to realize that this is a significant decision and be wary of a few things first. Checking for leaks and humidity absorbed by wood underneath is the first step of basement design review. This step takes place before you think of laying floors or reinforce the ceiling.
If and when you can repair any probable damage to the basement before building something around it is crucial because it will save of great costs in the future. With a finished basement you will have confirmed that no slopes exist around the house which direct the flow of rain water into your foundation rendering it weak and eroding the land away. You also need to check whether your basement does not already have any cracks in structure and fix it on spot. Investing in these small details pay large and handsome when you actually start using the basement for a small land erosion, water logging or structural weakness may render your house useless to live in.
In addition to the little details, you have to check and decide on what type of material you will need that will look best for your basement. You can choose to have your basement entirely carpeted, but you may be risking it against water damage and leaks which usually occur in the basements. Easier to clean and much beautiful in look, synthetic wood and ceramic tiles are more popular. The full carpet scenario can be replicated with the use of rugs and these patches can make the basement surroundings much more beautiful.
Using real wood is also an option but it must be ensured that the wood is waterproof especially if you are installing it in the basement. For carpeting also, you need to purchase the best and durable type to sustain one water leak or damage done by water overflow. Basement finishing is a delicate and recursive process, do not be alarmed if takes longer than you had hoped. Give it time for there is a lot of work which gets done before the basement is declared good enough for living.
Working with tighter budget further limit your options in terms of time because now, you have to work with the pace of how much you are willing to spend the money. If you design your basement in phases, be sure that it will take a long amount of time.

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General Contractors Tips – Carpeting a Basement

When you’re remodeling your basement, carpeting is often on your mind at least for part of it – especially if you’re building out a space that’s going to be used for family gathering and entertainment. Before you jump at the first carpet choice that looks good however, take the time to consider what you’ll really be using that space for. Likewise, talk with some general contractors about the best carpet choice for your design ideas.
Carpeting for a Playroom
Growing families with small children often require a lot of space for romping, fun, playtime and the mass amounts of toys. If you plan on remodeling your basement to turn it into a playroom then you should consider a quality, durable carpet that will stand the test of time.
A second option for a playroom is carpet tiles. Tiles offer easy installation and maintenance, and should the carpet need replacing you can just go after the problem tiles instead of tearing up the entire run of carpet in your basement or play area. While quality tiles are expensive, you’ll save on maintenance and replacement down the road. Buying some extra tiles ahead of time will ensure that you have them on hand if there’s an accident or damage later on – allowing for quick replacement.
Installing Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles are a great DIY project once general contractors have finished the rest of your basement. The first step is to ensure that you have a clean floor, free of debris, and level. Review the layout of your basement and find the center of the room or area. You can do this by pulling chalk lines from corner to corner. From here, locate the centers of the walls for the playroom in the basement. Connect the midpoints of all walls that face one another with chalk lines again.
After you have the chalk lines, you can start laying carpet tape over those lines as well as the room perimeter. Once your lines are in place you can begin laying carpet tiles, starting from the center of one wall and working your way to another. Depending on the size of the room or basement area and the layout, you may need to cut some tiles to fit snugly.
Carpeting a Game Room or Family Room
If you’ll be turning your basement into a game room or other gathering area then you can expect a lot of high traffic – more so than a kids play area. An indoor/outdoor carpet designed to withstand high traffic with shoes is a good idea here. If you prefer something that’s more comfortable then you may want to make the extra investment and go for a more plush but highly durable stainmaster carpet. The added plush is comfortable on feet, adds the right atmosphere to a family room and cozy’s up any basement.
There are a lot of carpet styles on the market, so choosing the right style and color for your basement will be difficult. If you’re stuck, run over your design ideas with a general contractor and get their input. Likewise, you can speak with friends and family to check their experience with carpet installation and carpet preference.

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Turn Your Basement Upside Down!

Is your house a perfect example of class, style and elegance? Are you showing off your wonderful taste in art and architecture around your house but hiding the monster underneath you? Well, time to turn that torment in to something you will proudly show off too! Here are some simple yet effective ways to turn the look of your basement from dreary to dreamy!
Home remodeling offers some excellent tricks to start outlining what you want your basement to look like; after all stuffing your travel bags and junk is not what your basement was made for. Start off by deciding what direction you want your basement to go in. If you have kids then consider having a cozy family lounge along with an entertainment area and an art zone that the entire family would enjoy. With young kids it’s always best to eliminate unnecessary walls to clear up the space. This not only creates a bigger canvas to work on but it creates a sense of spaciousness. Vinyl floors are easy on the pockets and even easier to clean and they are a great option for basements. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of different colors and its fun to contrast them with the walls and the ceiling.
You need the lounge area to be classy yet functional and cozy, and a pair of sofa’s and some armchairs would do the trick just right. In most of the basement spaces, lighting is an issue. If you don’t have any windows or openings then don’t despair. Its easy to make the room feel all lightened up with floor to ceiling mirrors on one of the four walls and a nice bright chandelier. False ceilings with bright lights installed in them are also a great alternative that will keep your entire day illuminated.
Desks and chairs will not only make the space more organized but will help your kids experience their own artistic side. Choose a spill friendly countertop for the table and stock it with art supplies, story books and whatever your kids enjoy doing. With a few art display on the walls, stocking it up with a bar fridge and accenting it with curtains, draperies and rugs will make your basement and family come together in a way that you never though imaginable.
If on the other hand you do not have a family and instead want to convert your basement in to a place where adults can hang out and have fun then consider starting with the wall paint and flooring featuring warm earthy colors. Some colors that go great together are teal, brown, tan and green. Vinyl tiles give the room elegance of real wood. Next divide your space in to an entertainment area and a TV lounge. If you play an instrument or are a health buff, then reserve a space for your equipment. A breakfast table is great near the bar/entertainment area and don’t forget the importance of a good sink.
Decorate your walls with paintings and add plenty of seating for yourself and the guests that you will entertain. A perfect backdrop to a TV unit is curtains! Add draperies in the background of your TV unit to create a sophisticated adult look. Throw in a lot of cushions and pillows, flowers and d?�cor and stock your bar well because your basement makeover inspired by the ideas of Everhart Constructions Houston home remodeling experts will attract plenty of friends and family to visit more often then usual!

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How to Obtain the Perfect Basement Flooring

Deciding on basement flooring can become a difficult decision because of the important considerations attached to it. Selecting proper supplies for basement floor finishing must accompany clear ideas. Lets see what the important factors are.
Initially you need to decide on what type of basement flooring is suitable for your needs. Are you considering a complete remodel or small touch ups? If you want a fully remodeled basement floor, then you must take durability into account. A strong and durable basement floor is very necessary which lasts for many years but it should also look attractive enough throughout the years.
If you are entirely replacing the basement floor which was damaged then you need to determine whether you will continue to use your basement as storage. If the mere purpose of your basement is still storage then you need not invest in high quality floor materials. Durability is a strong aspect which you should consider while dealing with basement flooring used for storage. When you know beforehand what function your basement will serve, you will be in a better position to determine material.
A large variety of basement floor materials exist in the market. Though attractive, it is just as much confusing for the homeowners.
As you’ve decided on the function of the basement and material that will go with it for flooring, your next step is to make sure that your basement does not have any wear and tear. As soon as you detect any work required for fixing the basement, get it done right away. Basement is the foundation on which the house rests, get all the cracks, leaks and water drain problems fixed on top priority. Repair all problems even if you are using your basement for mere storage and furnace, heating placement.
Any work done no matter how durable including a fresh layer of concrete gets damage by water in case of leak or flooded basement. The house slopes should also be right to not allow water flowing in the basement from any direction. Take preventive steps before spending money, otherwise you will only end up spending more in the future to fix it.
You can use from amongst carpeting, wood, ceramic or marble tiles or any synthetic material. A word of caution while using hardwood, it must be water proof and water treated in advance. This allows such flooring to withstand leaks and other water damage issues.
Synthetic wood is therefore suggested in most cases because of its resistance against water damage. Similarly Linoleum tile use is avoided in the basement because it is quite possible for this tile to absorb moisture and repairing damage becomes difficult in the future.
After you determine the basement function and decide on the flooring, you can start with material installation. You can choose to have the installation done entirely on your own.
In order to gain a sense of achievement, you can do the entire work on your own. Take time, do not rush things and do them proper. Laying tile or wood is a difficult task and hence requires patience. Doing a proper job of basement flooring will result in a flawless work and you get to enjoy your hard work yourself as you live happily in your house for years to come.