Is your house a perfect example of class, style and elegance? Are you showing off your wonderful taste in art and architecture around your house but hiding the monster underneath you? Well, time to turn that torment in to something you will proudly show off too! Here are some simple yet effective ways to turn the look of your basement from dreary to dreamy!
Home remodeling offers some excellent tricks to start outlining what you want your basement to look like; after all stuffing your travel bags and junk is not what your basement was made for. Start off by deciding what direction you want your basement to go in. If you have kids then consider having a cozy family lounge along with an entertainment area and an art zone that the entire family would enjoy. With young kids it’s always best to eliminate unnecessary walls to clear up the space. This not only creates a bigger canvas to work on but it creates a sense of spaciousness. Vinyl floors are easy on the pockets and even easier to clean and they are a great option for basements. Vinyl flooring comes in a variety of different colors and its fun to contrast them with the walls and the ceiling.
You need the lounge area to be classy yet functional and cozy, and a pair of sofa’s and some armchairs would do the trick just right. In most of the basement spaces, lighting is an issue. If you don’t have any windows or openings then don’t despair. Its easy to make the room feel all lightened up with floor to ceiling mirrors on one of the four walls and a nice bright chandelier. False ceilings with bright lights installed in them are also a great alternative that will keep your entire day illuminated.
Desks and chairs will not only make the space more organized but will help your kids experience their own artistic side. Choose a spill friendly countertop for the table and stock it with art supplies, story books and whatever your kids enjoy doing. With a few art display on the walls, stocking it up with a bar fridge and accenting it with curtains, draperies and rugs will make your basement and family come together in a way that you never though imaginable.
If on the other hand you do not have a family and instead want to convert your basement in to a place where adults can hang out and have fun then consider starting with the wall paint and flooring featuring warm earthy colors. Some colors that go great together are teal, brown, tan and green. Vinyl tiles give the room elegance of real wood. Next divide your space in to an entertainment area and a TV lounge. If you play an instrument or are a health buff, then reserve a space for your equipment. A breakfast table is great near the bar/entertainment area and don’t forget the importance of a good sink.
Decorate your walls with paintings and add plenty of seating for yourself and the guests that you will entertain. A perfect backdrop to a TV unit is curtains! Add draperies in the background of your TV unit to create a sophisticated adult look. Throw in a lot of cushions and pillows, flowers and d?�cor and stock your bar well because your basement makeover inspired by the ideas of Everhart Constructions Houston home remodeling experts will attract plenty of friends and family to visit more often then usual!