There’s More Than One Use for a Jar

Jars have typically been used to store homemade goods. These include jams, preserves, powders and spices, and other items. But jars can also become a part of your home decor and home design.

A design idea that you might consider is using oversized jars or oversized wine bottles. These make a nice addition to your kitchen setting, your porch or your backyard. These pieces will surely stand out because of their unusual size. If you plan to include these in your design, make sure you acquire more than one because oversized jars and wine bottles look good when they are grouped together.

Another design idea that you might have for jars is to use them as part of your lighting. This type of lighting is ideal for use in the kitchen because they create that warm, country style living and of course, they are unique. Although there are a lot of styles and designs that have modernized the appearance of a jar pendant light, sticking to the traditional look makes it more homey and more comforting. You can use colored jars but we suggest using the clear ones since you will be using them in the kitchen, an area where you want proper lighting. Uniform sized and styled jars are commonly used. But as an experiment as well as a design idea, try using different styles of clear jars but keep them at least of the same size. And when you’re done with this design experiment, let us know how it turns out.

From homemade goods to other items, there’s truly more than one use for a jar. Great things do come in glass.