Handy Information for Bathroom Remodeling

When you purchase a home you go into it knowing there are things that you will need to change. That happens so that you can make it your own and make it your home. When thinking about remodeling your home there are several things to think about as you venture into these projects. You need to figure out a budget, how far you want to immerse yourself in renovation and the style that you are looking to achieve with your home renovation project.

Bathroom remodeling is growing fast as suppliers are offering spa like fixtures and home owners are looking to create a quiet retreat from the busy world in their very own homes. There are so many levels of remodeling when it comes to bathrooms. First you must decide if you are going to enlarge a bathroom gutting it and basically starting from scratch or are you happy with a coat of paint, new fixtures and some new lights. Of course a lot of this will depend on your budget and willingness to immerse in a complete remodel.

I would suggest creating a list of your wants and needs. Determine how much you are willing to budget for the bathroom remodeling project and exactly what you are looking to have on the outcome of the project.

Start with determining what types of faucets and fixtures you have verses what you would like. Look around the current room and ask yourself some questions. Do you like the current layout? Are the tub, sink and toilet all going to stay or are you interested in replacing them? What about the vanity? Is there enough space for towels or are you interested in adding a linen closet? Do you want the closet inside the current space or do you want to add a space on the outside of the actual bathroom? Other things that you need to ask your self is are you okay with tub surrounds or are you more interested in specialized tiling? All of these things will help determine if your project is capable of being done within your budget or if you need to wait or scale back expectations.

Also look into lighting. So many different options are currently available. Do you like the look of fluorescent lights or do you want a more natural light. Is there a window in your bathroom to provide natural light and you are looking to enhance the natural light of the room? Recessed lights are also very popular and can be done to also provide heating elements in spaces like stand up showers.

It is fun to determine paint. Paint will help create an environment in your bathroom. If you are looking for a sea/ocean feel verse a spa feel verse a fun kids space. Paint can change the mood without a lot of expense. If your budget is small think about trying to paint to see if that is enough change to create a certain feel for your bathroom setting. This might be a simple solution to a major bathroom renovation until you can afford the more luxurious renovations.

Budget is the number one factor in any remodel but especially in a bathroom remodel. Every dime spent adds up quickly. Often during a renovation we don’t take in to account the minor expenses like caulk or new electrical fixtures. Make sure expenses don’t sneak up on you with thorough planning before you contemplate an all out, full scale bathroom renovation.