Save Space With Small Bathroom Vanities

Purchasing a small vanity can be a great way to conserve space and make a bathroom feel less cramped and cluttered; but, it doesn’t always have to be for that purpose. Small bathroom vanities can be purchased just for the sake of beauty, even in spacious digs. Before, bigger was better, but today small and sleek are. In this article I’ll explain what bathroom vanities are, how you can use them, and how they can help create the illusion of big rooms even when they’re in a small one.

Small bathroom vanities generally range from 13 to 20 inches; usually big enough for a sink with no counter space. These units create storage while hiding distasteful things like the plumbing under the sink. An ideal small vanity has a mirror that is big enough to at least show the face and neck. Their main function is to serve as storage, and a place where one can see and groom themselves. They should also include a sink for washing, a countertop for cosmetic objects, and lighting. Some even include medicine cabinets. If you are interested in small vanity to conserve space in a small room, then here are some tips to do so, while even creating the illusion that the bathroom is bigger.

First off, use light colors on the walls and floor, such as gray, beige, or white. This gives the illusion of more space, and gives more space to your vanity even if the space is imaginary. Try to find a vanity that allows for a sink that is attached to the wall. If possible, use wall cabinets with open shelves, which will also make the room feel more open. Another thing that will reflect space and make the room seem bigger along with your small bathroom vanity is a large mirror. More than one mirror will add to this effect. Also, towel bars greatly increase the feel of space. These tips along with your bathroom vanity can increase the feel of space in a bathroom immensely. However, if space is not a problem, small vanities also go wonderfully in larger bathrooms.

A small bathroom vanity can be an important design element even in a large bathroom. They make large bathrooms seem even bigger. They can help in creating and uncluttered and clean feel to the atmosphere of the bathroom. The eye falls on the sink first upon entering a bathroom, and a small bathroom vanity can create a great design appeal. Small bathroom vanities are functional but not overbearing, and can change the whole feel of any size bathroom.

Upon reading this article, I hope that you realize the purpose and beauty of a small bathroom vanity in any bathroom. They can make small bathrooms more spacious and large bathrooms more designed and stylish. A small bathroom vanity has more pros than cons, if any cons at all. After reading this article you can decide if you want a small bathroom vanity, and just how to place it to accent your bathroom perfectly.